Packaging Machines

Semi automatic wrapping machines

The semi-automated wrapping machines are suited in general for smaller packaging volumes, or for the applications where the load stacks cannot be moved, are heavy, have atypical base dimensions, or it is required for them to be packed where they are stored.

Depending on the function principle, the machines are fix or mobile.

For the loads with atypical base dimensions, really heavy, or with low stability and which cannot be centrifuged, or in case of low frequency for packaging operations, there are available mobile versions. The wrapping machine moves around the stack, whose height is detected automatically, and with the help of a rubber wheel as buffer, the distance from the stack is maintained in order to avoid its destabilization, avoid the accidents, but also dampens the light vibrations generated by the procedure. The speed at which the equipment rotates around the pallet can be adjusted depending on the application requirements. The wrapping robot is moving around the stack, regardless the pallet’s dimensions at the base. The column’s height is variable.

For the stacks with low stability, heavy weight because of which they cannot be placed on the equipment’s rotary platform, but which can be transported in the wrapping area, there is the model of fix wrapping machines with rotary arm, and this arm is moving around the stack in a circular motion.

Another model of wrapping equipment is the classic one, with rotary platform onto which are placed the stacks with load, and the wrapping procedure is done while the platform is rotating and the film reel holder in moving up and down on the column and along the stack, placing this way the film around it.

For the applications where the stacks are placed on the rotary platform with pallet trucks, where is no space to install an additional ramp, or for the stacks with low stability which can be also affected by the inclination while moving up on the ramp, there are models for the semi-automatic wrapping machines which have the rotary platform cut for loading at 90°, 180° and 290°. The area is cut exactly in the shape of the pallet truck’s forks, so the stack can be easily placed on the platform without changing the angle and inclining it, only by fitting the forks into the cut zone just like a puzzle.

For boxes, packs, or products with small dimensions but cu regular shapes, there is a model of the rotary platform wrapping machines which fixes the boxes/products between two round platforms of smaller dimensions. These machines are mobile, are smaller than the versions for stacks, and due to the upper rotary platform which goes as down as needed, the pack is fixed on the bottom platform during wrapping rotations, without the risk of falling from there during the operation. The machine’s advantage is that there can be wrapped also packages which are larger that the surface of the upper and bottom platforms.

Automatic wrapping machines

The automated machines and equipment for packing, wrapping and strapping have applications in complex domains, from food industry, retail or bulk product packaging, printing houses or even food for pets, to construction materials of parcel companies.

The materials used for packaging are foil/film or PP/PET/metallic band.

The wrapping and strapping are done on vertical, on horizontal, as individual packaging methods, but also mixed: strapping to the base pallet and wrapping after that.

The foil/film can be simple-shrink type for the standard wrapping models, or can be stretch hoods or thermo contractible film.

Like any automatic equipment, these machines for packaging, wrapping, strapping are designed to be integrated on conveyor lines together with a wide range of equipment which are part of, or completing the automatized working lines: pallet magazines, dispensers for boxes or containers, stations for product placement on pallets, of weighting, labeling, scanning, activity tracking, etc.

Regardless the machine, the automatic equipment for packaging, wrapping, or strapping, have many advantages among which we have the following:

  • they are innovative, complex, robust and reliable
  • they technically advanced due to the technologies used
  • they are safe for products, guarantee the goods’ integrity during and after packaging
  • they reduce the costs by the automation of operations and due to the small quantity of straps and film used
  • they streamline the activity by reducing the time allocated for these operations, which otherwise are difficult for workers
  • they have low maintenance costs
  • they are easy to use and control by operators
  • they respect the environment by using for packaging only recyclable materials and in small quantities
  • in case on high quantities of waste resulted after cutting the strapping bands or removing the wrapping films or stretch hoods, it is recommended the use of compactors or waste bale presses

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