Ergonomics takes charge of organizing the spaces where professional activities are carried on, with the purpose of increasing the work productivity by ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of the workers by reducing the negative effects on the general state of physical and mental health.

The final goal is to continuously reduce, till they are eliminated, the occupational diseases, no matter if they are physical or emotional (stress, fatigue, burnout).

The expected but also guaranteed results, and the benefits of using ergonomic equipment are:

  • increased work satisfaction and employee’s involvement
  • increased productivity
  • costs reduction
  • increased quality of work (production or services) and a smaller volume of waste and rejected products

The portfolio offered by Logimarkt covers from machines and equipment like Pallet invertors and changers or Lifting platforms, to LEAN type products.

Regardless the products or equipment, the entire product range proposed by Logimarkt respects the principles of ergonomics:

  • design
  • optimum dimensions
  • work angles for body inclination, avoiding the uncomfortable positions
  • number of body movements, especially the repetitive ones
  • reduce up to eliminate the product lifting, especially of the heavy ones, by placing them to the required work position
  • reduce the push and pull of the heavy or unstable objects
  • optimum ratio between the chair sitting and the standing work positions, (to avoid the sedentarism) but also the interaction with computers
  • noise level, vibrations, luminosity
  • appropriate display of the working tools

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