PALOMAT® Pallet dispensers

Logimarkt is the first distributor in Romania of the PALOMAT® pallet dispensers, since 2014. We have experience in implementing many projects across the country, and our technical support team can offer service operations in maximum 24 hours, either remote or onsite at the client’s location.

PALOMAT® is recognized for the pallet stacker models stand alone type (maneuvering the pallets at floor level) and in-line type (integrated in automated conveyor work lines).

Up until now, more than 12 500 PALOMAT® pallet magazines were produced and delivered all over the world.

    ReferencePallet size (mm)Max number of palletsMaximum load (kg)Full Electric/PneumaticPower
    PALOMAT® Pneumatic dispenser for 1 pallet800x600 mm15500 kgPneumatic6-7 barView product
    PALOMAT® Pneumatic dispenser for 1 pallet 1200×800/1000 mm - maximum 15 pallets - pallet stacker1200 x 800/1000 mm25700 kgPneumatic6-7 barView product
    Electric dispenser for 2 pallets18572x1200 x 800302x500 kgElectric220-240 VAC / 50 HzView product
    PALOMAT - Electric dispenser for 1 pallet 800×600 mm800x600 mm15500 kgElectric220-240 VAC 50 HzView product
    Electric dispenser for 1 pallet 1200×800 or1000 mm- maximum 15 pallets- pallet stacker1200 x 800/1000 mm25700 kgElectric220-240 VAC / 50 HzView product
    Electric dispenser for 5 pallets- maximum 15 pallets - automatic pallet handling18551200 x 800/1000 mm25700 kgElectric220-240 VAC 50 HzView product

The PALOMAT® pallet dispenser is a stand alone type equipment which streamlines the pallets handling during their storage, protects the workers against work accidents and help the companies to make the logistic flow more efficient.

The pallet magazine is designed for the applications which need to maneuver the pallets at floor level.

A very important aspect is that there can also be produced models for applications in zones with constant low temperatures (like frost-freeze storages) or in spaces with no heating options, where the temperatures can decrease very much in certain periods of the year (the good functioning of some machines can be affected by low temperatures, situation which can be overcome by the frost safe dispensers).

Out of the total amount of orders and deliveries for automated pallets stackers, over 1 000 are customized, at the clients’ request, for special applications (like the pallet dispensers for big foldable boxes).

PALOMAT® comes with very important advantages for the actual conditions of the labor market mobility, and especially for the areas where the pallet magazines are needed, areas which imply physical activity, have a high turnover of pallets (purchasing/production/packaging) and auxiliary equipment handling.

To place the pallets inside the dispenser and then to remove them, it is enough to have a pallet truck, for which is not necessary to have special or qualification trainings. This way, there is no need for supplementary investments in electric equipment like forklifts, or to hire specialized personnel. The existing forklifts can be relocated to be used in other activity zones.

PALOMAT® design makes these machines to be easily used also by women operators, or workers with a normal physical condition, widening this way the possibilities to find compatible personnel, and eliminating the risk of work accidents caused by the activities which require physical effort.

The pallets dispensers are user friendly due to the touch screens, intuitive functions, easy installation and maintenance steps which can be done even by the operators.

The model range of pallet stackers id wide, suited for stacks of maximum 15 or 25 de pallets, for different dimensions – Euro pallets 1200×1800 mm, ISO pallets 1200×1000 mm or half pallets 800×600 mm, to stack 5 pallets at once, for 2 pallets on the length (1+1, meaning 2 stacks in one pallet magazine), mixed dispensers for EURO and ISO/industrial (it can be set to place both dimensions in the same equipment, but still, not in the same stack), completely electric models (Greenline) or mixed – electric and air (Flexomatic).

Among other advantages offered by PALOMAT® we can count:

  • maintaining the order and cleanliness in the working area and in consequence, optimizing the available space
  • logistic flow optimization
  • reducing the handling time/pallet
  • reducing to minimum the number of workers who need medical leave because of the improper handling of the pallets or because of occupational diseases
  • eliminating the manual handling of the pallets
  • decreasing the number of broken pallets caused by their bad placement in instable stacks, or their bad handling

The results of the PALOMAT® are maximum, with minimum of invested resources, these being one of the base principles of the LEAN systems.

Pallet dispensers

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