Industries Automotive

The automotive industry is a very demanding field, always opened to innovation.

The on-time delivery, high quality packaging used in the production and storage/ transportation area, ensuring the integrity of the products and low costs, are essential elements whether we talk about the production of component parts or the assembly of industrial machines, leisure or touring cars.

With the help of returnable packaging with internal separators made of non-woven textile material, corrugated plastic and Duraflex, different foam types (EPP, PE, PU, PEE, instant foam, etc.), Logimarkt aims to offer optimum protection to all the stored and transported products and components, especially when it comes to very sensitive, expensive parts, with irregular or sharp shapes, large or very small, or difficult to pack.

By increasing the density of the products in returnable packaging and by folding the packaging upon their return, the costs associated with transportation and storage are reduced.

In addition to the listed advantages, Logimarkt also aims to improve ergonomics of operators, and last but not least, to increase the environment protection.