Parking slot rails for warehouse material supply

The parking slot rails for warehouse material supply have the role to create and maintain the order within production and storage or display areas. They align the trolleys to ensure uniformity and superior visual management, and an improved aesthetics. Using these guidings, there can be organized parking lots for dollies in the raw materials purchasing areas, making efficient the logistic flow by eliminating the redundant operations and maintaining the cleanliness.

The parking slot rails for trolleys and carts ensure a certain order in carrying out the handling operations through FIFO stations (First In First Out), leading to a productivity increase and a waste decrease in case of perishable goods. They can be easily adapted to any wheel diameter and can be equipped with various accessories related to visual management (label holders, markings in different colors), making the supplying process more rapid and easy for the operator and reducing the number of errors.

The parking slot rails for aligned dollies are mainly used in organizing the supermarket type spaces, in raw material supply zones from production areas, in warehouses for a quicker identification of the types of products.

Some of the advantages of these guiding systems for trolleys, dollies and carts are:

  • they provide visual uniformity and a superior visual management
  • they align the trolleys and stop the accidental slips
  • high flexibility, they can be used for any stored trolley base
  • they can adapt to any types of wheels
  • easy installation
  • they can be equipped with visual identification elements
  • reduced space requirements
  • they offer safety in handling by using a brake system or a profile type which stops the accidental slips of the wheels

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