Our vision

Logimarkt engineering SRL is a division of Logimarkt, a company founded in 2007 as a manufacturer of industrial packaging solutions.

Logimarkt is recognized by its customer as a dedicated company where you breathe all the enthusiasm and passion that people put into their work.

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Logimarkt Engineering is an experienced integrator in the following areas :

  1. Protective Packaging
  2. Handling ergonomy
  3. Dynamic storage
  4. Automatic conveyors
  5. Waste recycling

A climate of collaboration and efficient internal organization guarantees the respect of deadlines, great flexibility and speed in responses.

Logimarkt Engineering is born in the same spirit and, through partnership with top producers of machinery, offers integrated solution that boost productivity, ergonomics and safety.

Our strength is the service we give to our customers at all stages before, during and after the installation of our systems. We are a harmonious team, creative and dynamic, constantly looking for reliable solutions designed in close collaboration with the customer.

More than just a supplier of an equipment, we are an integrator who try, first, to understand your goals and has the expertise to help you suceed.

Partnership with Logimarkt means that the adopting of new technologies, learning to better leverage existing tools and solving unique and complex problems, can all be made easier and more efficient.

Hardware solutions for material handling :

  • Pallet wrapping machine
  • Stretch hood packaging machine
  • Shrink hood packaging machine
  • Horizontal strapping machine
  • Vertical strapping machine
  • Intralogistic trolleys
  • Pallet changer machine
  • Pallet magazine
  • Lean manufacturing trolleys
  • Work positioners and lifters
  • Chain conveyors
  • Ergonomic flooring
  • Fast assembling industrial flooring
  • Compactors for waste management
  • Automatic storage
  • Dynamic storage for increased efficiency
  • Industrial washing machine
  • Attachements for more efficient forklifts
  • Roller conveyors
  • Shuttle system
  • Automatic truck loading system