How we develop logistic projects

Logistic projects – key solutions

Together with partner companies, we also develop logistic projects:

  • Customized protective packaging: air cushions or air bubble wrap foils inflatable on the spot depending on the clients’ needs, paper cushioning in various shapes for heavy components, expandable/ instant foam that molds into the contours of the product being transported to protect it against the possible shocks and vibrations or different transit damages, suspension and retention packaging, cardboard perforators and shredders that turn the bulky cardboard sheets into protective packaging material, VCI (anti rust) coating, anti-slip packaging, Big Bags type containers, wooden containers, metallic containers (wire mesh, pallet cages/ boxes), thermo protections for different loads
  • Reusable packaging: stackable plastic boxes/ crates/ totes/ containers, with/ without lid, foldable/ collapsible/ rigid walls, solid/ ventilated walls, perforated/ closed/ with water drainage holes base, with injected plastic or corrugated plastic walls (sleeves), plastic pallets and dollies, accessories like internal dunnage, label holders, wheels, lids, etc.
  • VDA and Odette standard products for automotive industry: VDA-KLT and Galia containers, boxes with dunnage out of: textile, different foam types, Duraflex and corrugated plastic, thermoformed trays
  • Intralogistics trolleys and transport systems, electric tow tugs and tug train systems, lean manufacturing – transport trolleys
  • Lean workstations 4D, aluminum profile structures, Kanban tubular racks
  • Conveyors for pallets and boxes
  • Electric scissors lifting tables, electric high lift pallet trucks
  • Warehouse organization with dolly guiding devices and FIFO systems
  • Industrial washing machines for plastic boxes, containers, lids, plastic and metal trays
  • Automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines, strapping machines, stretch hood pallets wrappers
  • Waste management machinery like manual or automatic vertical and horizontal balers, roll compactors, barrel presses/ drum crushers, shredders
  • Storage bin cabinets, smart individually configured inventory control systems
  • In-line, mobile and stationary pallet inverters
  • Pallet dispensers (magazines)
  • Roll inverters

We make continuous efforts to discover and assimilate technological innovations and the best practices, so we can identify and recommend solutions with a strong economic impact for your business.

We offer:

  1.  Consultancy. Layout draft. 
  2.  We analyze the layout together with the Beneficiary’s involved departments
  3.  Layout modifications and approval with the Beneficiary
  4.  Elaborate the offer and make the necessary calculations for materials, delivery time and implementation period
  5.  Order reception
  6.  Components delivery and installation
  7.  Commissioning and testing, according to the approved test scenario on the moment of contracting
  8.  Maintenance