The Lean Manufacturing Solutions “LMS” were created in 1997 with the purpose to support the higher interest in the Toyota Production System “TPS”. The main goal of Lean Manufacturing Solutions is for manufacturing companies to improve financial performance using Lean Manufacturing Principles, that are detailed bellow.

The principles are detalied bellow, and they represent the basis for any project that Logimarkt develops. The solutions are designed and assemblied by our team, that takes into consideration multiple technical features, that are presented in “How we design and assembly”.

Therefore, if your company needs to achieve maximum financial performance, by improvement of production, shipping or storage areas, Logimarkt has the suitable project for this task, with:

  • LM Tubular Steel Solutions
  • LM Round Aluminium Solutions
  • LM Square Aluminium Profiles
  • LM Carton Flow
  • LM Accessories for Trolleys, Assembly Cells, Workstations and Workbenches

Please see bellow more useful information for Lean Manufacturing Solutions.