Carton Flow solution

Carton Flow is a dinamic shelving solution, for double or single sided bays, where the shelves are assembled with 3.5% minimum inclination and the roller bars are chosen to fit exactly with the type of the storage boxes used in the application.

We can provide the complete solution with framework, or if you have the framework already and just want to swich to gravity sliding shelving, we can offer that also.

Carton Flow is the ideal shelving for FIFO stock (first in à first out), the boxes are automatically presented and ready to pick, for a perfect and fast rotation of the stock.
The element that operates the perfect sliding is gravity, so there is no power consumption whatsoever.

  • Quicker assembly, within minutes, no extra tools required: if the framework already exists, the roller tracks and guidelines are mounted super fast, no need for clips, pins, caps, or other small fitting Some might say that it takes longer to unwrap the components, then to fit the shelf level
  • Fast stock rotation: continuous flow of the boxes and products
  • Flexibile: it can adapt to any kind of structure or load, the more roller tracks across the shelf width, the higher load capacity
  • Versatile: with a more dense roller tracks, not only the rolling characteristics are improved, but also different box sizes can be used, with no extra shelves reconfiguration
  • Increase of productivity: when the product flow is fast, you create a perfect and smooth production flow, with no waste of time
  • Less employees complaints: easy and comfortable for the operators, because the product or box moves alone, so there is no need for the operator to move continuously to reach the items they need
  • Ergonomy: the items can be stored to the ideal height for the operator
  • Strong: this solution is designed to last for years, with no service or maintenance

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