Round and square aluminium solutions

Round aluminium solutions are made of NGP (Next Generation Profiles) aluminium profiles. They are the ideal solution for many applications, like production equipment construction, workstations, gravitational racking, accessories for conveyor systems, transport trolleys, etc.

Square aluminium solutions are made from profiles, using aluminium extrusion. They are the ideal solution for many applications, like production equipment construction, workstations, gravitational racking, accessories for conveyor systems, transport trolleys, etc.

  • Components for logistic systems and equipment

    Components for logistic systems and equipment

    The mounting aluminum profiles similar to Bosch Rexroth, either round or square, can be used in various applications, from the simple ones – transport trolleys or dollies – to the most complex industrial equipment.

    Because they are light weighted but, at the same time, resistant due to their structure, they are recommended for industrial and logistics applications.

    A few possible applications that fit the scenarios mentioned above are as follows:

    • for the roller or belt conveyor applications, the aluminum profiles are recommended because they offer flexibility to the system. They allow the adjustment of the conveyor’s height. Because they can be cut in different dimensions, the aluminum profiles are a solution that offers support for both gravitational and curved conveyors. Another advantage of the aluminum profiles is that they can help transfer goods over straight conveyors or even curved at 90o. This quality of the rounded profiles helps save space in crowded or space-limited areas.
    • the carrier for storage bins or mobile euro containers, made from aluminum profiles, is useful where they frequently shift to different workstations are needed. Thanks to this system trolley, the complex operations of transferring the packaging on pallets and manual handling are replaced, thus increasing productivity, saving the operators’ time and reducing their back strain.
    • aluminum profile cabinets add value in an ever-changing environment. They can be locked and can withstand loads up to 700 kg. Different types of plywood are available for the cabinet walls.
    • the industrial equipment allows the producers to built light weighted machines, which can be adapted in time and easily integrated within the working environment. The final products are ergonomic and resistant over time.
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  • Aluminum profiles workstations and accessories

    Aluminum profiles workstations and accessories

    The aluminum profiles can be assembled into workstations used in warehouses, deposits and any other working space.

    They are configured considering the following:

    • the optimization of the workspace to suit the operator, and not vice versa
    • reducing the effort of the operator to a minimum, while the productivity level does not decrease
    • the increase in productivity because each item is in the proximity of the operator
    • the boost of the operators’ motivation by paying attention to details: proper lighting, countertop at an optimum and adjustable height and spacious (can also have drawers and shelves mounted on the structure)

    Depending on the application, the ergonomic workbenches can have 2 feet or 4 feet.

    Industrial workbenches with 2 feet, from aluminum profiles, can have a manual height adjustment or can be equipped with an electrical system for automatically adjusting of the working height. The difference between these two is that the electrical system has a load capacity of the worktop of 400 kg, and the manual one of 300 kg. Made from ESD aluminum profiles, the workbenches allow the integration of multiple accessories.

    Industrial workstations with 4 feet are made from aluminum profiles of 40 and 60 mm diameters. They can sustain loads of 300 kg, respectively 500 kilograms. They are robust and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, depending on the application. They are available in two versions: workbenches with 4 feet for standing or seated working positions.

    For the standing working position, the working height is 910 mm, and it is fixed, with no adjustment possibilities.

    The standard worktop height for the seated working position is 720 mm but can be adjusted up to 1020 mm. The adjustment can be done in three ways:

    • manually, by using clips to lift it
    • using a hydraulic mechanism powered by a lever
    • electro-hydraulically, by using a control panel

    For the ergonomic workbenches from aluminum structures ITEM type or aluminum modular profiles for equipment, are available various accessories which increase the ergonomics level:

    • support for accessory panels – perforated metal panels can be added, as well as storage shelves, lighting systems, monitors and others – they are fixed on the back side of the work table and are found as modules with different dimensions, which can be assembled as many as needed: 1, 2 or 3 pieces, on the desired dimensions
    • connectors, to fix the accessories support
    • workstation top tables can be from compact wood in one color, multilayered or from MDF; they all have high resistance to abrasions, heat and friction
    • the perforated panels are installed on the support, using connectors. They are used to provide customization possibilities to the working space by adding different accessories to them: monitor supporting arms, lamps, different hooks for tools and holders for boxes or bins. They are available in blue or grey standard colors or black for ESD versions.
    • LED lamps are recommended especially for applications requiring increased attention to detail. Depending on the work environment, they can have white or yellow lighting, and the operations can be carried on at the tabletop.

    More details about this product can be found in the brochure “Accessories for industrial workbenches from aluminum profiles”.

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  • Gravity flow racks

    Gravity flow racks

    The gravity flow racks from aluminum profiles similar to Bosch Rexroth and ITEM are designed according to the client’s needs.

    The available accessories make it possible to develop multiple solutions at a low cost.

    Flow racking from aluminum structures on the fixed or mobile feet can be done with stops, direction guiding and different wheel types.

    The load carried by a rack with fixed feet is up to 600 kg, while a wheeled stand can carry up to 330 kg.

    The advantages of using the gravity flow racks system ITEM type are:

    • follow the FIFO principle
    • easy access to items and the possibility to separate the components supply part from the processing part
    • dynamic storage of a large number of boxes, containers or bins
    • the light weighted but stable and flexible structure allows the components to be rearranged in a differently way when needed
    • automatization of the systems by integrating hydraulic components or other motorized types
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  • Trolleys


    For supplying different areas in production or shipping areas, they are the heart of the supply chain flow because they offer a faster stock movement for the components from storage to assembly line. An efficient and productive manufacturing business is based on stock movement and supply just in time, with minimum time consuming.

    These aluminum trolleys are very light, easy to handle, the ideal mobile solution for every dynamic production site. Recommended for every type of material, even for odd shaped and sharp edges ones.

    Aluminum material used for trolleys assures antistatic properties or hygiene properties for work areas with special requests.

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  • Workbenches and workstations

    Workbenches and workstations

    Workbenches and workstations with many accsessories, like:

    • support for accessory panels with connectors to fix them on the workstation;
    • workstation top tables from compact wood, multilayered or MDF, with high resistance to abrasions, heat and friction;
    • storage shelves;
    • LED lightning, LED lamps with white or yellow light;
    • monitors and supporting arms for them;
    • different power switches;
    • different hooks for tools, boxes, bins, etc.
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  • Storage shelves on wheels or not

    Storage shelves on wheels or not

    Storage shelves are an important part of material handling equipment.They can be floor fixed or mobile, like trolley shelves. The heart of the production are is the supply chain like the loading points. In specific areas of the production, these storage shelves assure the necessary material for the workers just in time.  We recommend them mobile, in case of a dinamic production site, the storage shelves can be moved smoothly, in case of reconfigure or expansion of the production lines or loading points.

    They can be designed in various models, like spinning in one central wheel, one side or multiple side access for loading or unloading components, with walls or different panels for protecting sensitive components, courtains, bins, etc.

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  • Workshop trolleys

    Workshop trolleys

    In a dynamic production area, the production flow must be analyzed in detail, and all the options must be taking in consideration. A workshop trolley is really useful in case of a dynamic work flow, when for example different workers are multitasking and they work at different projects. This trolley can offer mobility for a certain kit project from a worker to another, or they can just offer mobility for kit tools, different small projects, and presentation or workshop panels. The design options are limitless due to versatility of the round aluminum profiles.

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  • Cantilever trolleys

    Cantilever trolleys

    • for parts that have unusual dimensions or shapes, the perfect mobile storage solution industrial environments, for a smooth running of the production flow. At request, they can be single or double sided, wheeled against a wall or circle around a production area for step by step manufacturing. This solution is common used for long components and materials like pipes, plastic or timber and it is designed for small spaces or space saving environments. It offers secure and on time production flow.
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  • Pallet dolly

    Pallet dolly

    Pallet dolly is the easy mobile solution when it comes to pallet handling that first of all assures operator’s safety and ergonomics, as well protection for materials that are moved on the pallet. Logimarkt can design the pallet dolly accordingly to your request, when it comes to pallet weight and dimensions, so that the wheels and design offers secure load and smooth mobility.

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  • Platform trolley

    Platform trolley

    Platform trolley is the solution that takes off the weight, injury or damage risks in your warehouse. Even if the distance is small between two transfer points, when lifting any heavy items, there is always a risk for operator’s injury or for material damage. Logimarkt can design the platform trolley according to the exactly application and for certain materials dimensions and loads. Available with different positioned handles, wheels that are mobile, fixed, with breaks or not. The options are limitless.

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  • Structures for high level work points

    Structures for high level work points

    • when a certain job must be done at a different level of height and a ladder just won’t work, then you need a high level structure that we can design to fit in exactly to your application. The design options are numerous: with stairs, doors for operator’s safety, single or multiple access points, desk for tool support, wheels with breaks for fixed working points, handles and hooks, LED lighting, etc.
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  • Conveyor accessories

    Conveyor accessories

    The square profiles have standard design, making it possible to mount the accessories and connectors in any of their points, even for assembly a conveyor system. This is the perfect solution, because it is not fixed, it can be reconfigured very easy at any time, with no special tools. Curves can be designed with the help of connectors and also roller belt can complete the solution.

    Aluminum profile assures antistatic properties or hygiene properties for work areas with special requests.

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  • Round aluminum solutions – NGP type, were designed according to Lean Manufacturing principles, as well as the other Lean Manufacturing solutions, offered by Logimarkt.

    As they are made from aluminium, they already have ESD protection for production areas where ESD (Electrostatic discharge) protection is required.

    The design of round aluminium structures creates a clean, organized and proffesional image of the production area.

    These cover a wide range of uses, from the simplest ones – frames for trolleys, to the most complex production lines.

    Square aluminium profiles can have 6, 8 or 10 slots, which are choosed, depending on your application and what the solution is about.

    We want to explain to you what this means: any fastener, joint, connector, corner or other accessories can be connected to the profile’s slots with the help of a knurled nut. The knurled structure connects with the interior of the profile and prevents sliding and loosening. The strength of the entire structure depends on the profile’s external dimensions, but also on how many slots does the profile have.

    This type of solutions is also designed with Lean Manufacturing principles in mind.

    As they are made from aluminium, they already have ESD protection for production areas where ESD (Electrostatic discharge) protection is required.

    The design of square aluminium structures creates a clean, organized and proffesional image of the production area.

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