Logimarkt covers the needs of various industries. We are striving to develop new ideas that will help our clients increase productivity in their companies.

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Car parts manufacturers and OEMs

We produce reusable crates, containers and pallet boxes, customized according to our clients’ needs. We perform complex logistic analyses and we identify the most adequate packaging solutions. At the same time, we assist our clients in determining the criteria for a top-performing packaging system. We also perform integrations with respect to the intralogistics flow or automation processes.


We produce boxes for distribution, that help increase efficiency and lower operational costs.

Food industry

We produce hygienic plastic crates, clean-room plastic pallets, HDPE pallet boxes for storage and PVC transport dollies. Our main concern is to ensure food safety by the easy cleaning and sanitizing of the packaging.

Beverages industry

We produce plastic pallets crates for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, mini-crates for promotional purposes and innovative marketing solutions.

Industrial manufacturing

We analyze the existing situation and we propose solutions that can lead to improved productivity, either by reducing the costs or by improving the ergonomics in the operators’ work and raising their motivation.


We focus on sustainability and we develop solutions that protect the environment by reducing waste, improving merchandise handling and increasing the visual appeal of products on the store shelves.

Working for several industries allowed us to understand the fact that priorities and selection criteria may vary and it is essential to listen to each client carefully in order to understand what is important for them.

For each of our clients’ problems, we strive to develop efficient solutions. You can find detailed presentations of the solutions we developed in the section dedicated to each industry.