Tubular Steel Solutions

Tubular steel solutions are made from a variety of reusable steel tubing, from 1 mm or 2 mm profiles, with 28 mm diameter.

It can be fast assemblied, by connecting the joints, brackets, roller tracks, parts and accessories. The resistance is being offered by the entire system’s design. This is made by taking into consideration the nature of the applications, as well as the client’s requirements, being available in numerous models, including in ESD version.

This system allows you to design and build a wide range of solutions for industries, because it was developed with continuous improvement in mind. It requires no special tools for measuring, cutting or assembling.

  • Gravity kanban racks

    Gravity kanban racks

    Modern production and assembly lines require the supply of semi-finished products in as short a time and as automated as possible. Consequently, implementing a FIFO (First-in, First-out) stock management strategy is ideal.

    Pauses or disruptions in the production process lead to high costs. In addition, they decrease the company’s production capacity.

    Kanban racks comprise lightweight components that operators can handle and assemble quickly.

    Operators can configure the Kanban shelving system from 1 mm or 2 mm profiles with a diameter of 28 mm.

    These profiles can make straight shelves to become a goods’ storage area. Inclined shelves can find use in production or assembly areas.


    • Higher stock capacity than standard shelves. Kanban shelves can be a little deeper, with older stock moving forward and replenishment from the back of the shelf.
    • It incorporates all required equipment in an ergonomic and efficient manner: materials, tools, etc.
    • It can be designed to store or move awkwardly sized products to narrow aisles between shelving.
    • It does not need electrical power. The stock moves forward due to inclined roller tracks and gravity.
    • It does not need training for employees to use or install a tubular shelf. Operators can mount it on castor wheels for mobility.
    • Customizable and flexible. It adapts to new requirements without special tools, supporting lean manufacturing principles.
    • For ESD requirements or high-hygiene solutions for clean-rooms, coated pipes are available.
    • Different colors are available for tubes to fit a specific visual management scheme.
    • They have a quick assembly process.
    • Safety through the use of protective edges and braking systems.
    • It integrates with other logistics applications, such as conveyors.

    Kanban gravity tube racks, in addition to the most commonly used function, namely storage, can be used to achieve:

    • Stands and booths
    • Trolleys
    • Information display panels
    • Ergonomic workstations
    • Shelving with automation
    • Tool and equipment storage stations
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  • Tubular steel trolley racks

    Trolley racks


    • Can be designed for required size, strength and ergonomics.
    • Incorporates all required equipment in an ergonomic and efficient manner: material, tools and equipment, etc.
    • Mobile, it can be used to provide mobile inventory whenever it’s needed, or to move the products to their best location, continuously.
    • Perfect for continuous improvement environments, it can be rapidly assemblied and modified, according to kaizen principle for lean manufacturing.
    • It can be designed to store or move akwardly sized products to narrow aisles between shleving
    • No electricity is required.
    • Specially coated pipes available for ESD requirments or high-hygiene solutions for cleanrooms.
    • A variety of colours available for tubes, to fit a certain visual management scheme.

    Examples of LM trolley racks:

    • Kit trolleys
    • Display trolleys
    • Transport trolleys for bins, KLT containers, parts and products
    • Gravity flow trolleys with visual management
    • Gravity flow trolleys with conveyor belt and visual management
    • Workstations and workbenches trolleys
    • Trolleys with dunnage
    • Storage trolleys

    LM tubular steel is the perfect and versatile solution to custom made an industrial trolley for any type of application.

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  • Karakuri



    • Move objects automatically, no human hand needed
    • Cost effective: development time is shorter, cheap materials and no energy cost
    • Easy maintainance: keeping the structures running is simple, as you know more and more how it works
    • Easy to improve: the entire structure is build by hand, it can be redesigned and changed quickly, which promotes “Kaizen” continuous improvement Lean principle
    • Improve safety and ergonomics: reduce the chance of workers injuries and loss work days
    • Improve quality: devices reduce human errors and mistakes
    • Mobile if needed: it can be used to provide mobile inventory whenever it’s needed, or to move the karakuri system to it’s best location, continuously.
    • Specially coated pipes available for ESD requirments or high-hygiene solutions for cleanrooms.

    A variety of colours available for tubes, to fit a certain visual management scheme.

    Karakuri is a mechanic tubular stell solution, that uses mechanic devices to assist with tasks with limited or no electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power sources. It does not need computer assistance, because the entire strucutre is controlled by the design itself and the mechanics, using gravity, springs, kinematics, counterweights, human muscle, weights, pendulum, seesaws, and gears to manipulate objects.

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  • Workbenches and workstations

    Workstations or workbenches

    They assure continuous flow for parts, with no waste, as they are assembled in one station and move to the next one. Also, with workstations, the work flow is easy, comfortable ergonomic for the operators.


    • Ergonomy: the structure is designed to assure everything needed in the oprator’s “golden zone”, so that everything is easy to reach and work is comfortable
    • Efficiency: faster picking and assembly than regular work desks
    • Faster production flow: material handling is quicker
    • Easy assembly: the structure is assembled fast, with no need for heavy, special tools or training.
    • Flexible: the solution is modular and it can be reconfigured to other applications.
    • Mobile: also available with castors, so that the workstation can be relocated easy and fast to another part of production, when needed.
    • Accessories: power bars or lightning can be mounted on the structure, to power tools and illuminate where light is poor.

    Workstations and other structures like assembly cells are really the heart of production, so there is a major positive impact in the efficiency of production processes, if they are designed with lean manufacturing principles in mind.

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