Tables for picking and packing

The packing tables, picking tables, and assembly stations are designed to enhance workflow, ergonomics, and production. With modern ergonomics as a focus, these solutions meet dynamic needs. They are ideal for logistics and dispatch operations.

The packing tables boast robust construction and ergonomic design, which is crucial for packaging operations. These tables make the packing process more efficient, with adjustable heights and durable surfaces. Fitted for industrial use, they ensure a seamless and practical packaging experience.

For precision and speed in operations, the picking tables are ideal. These tables offer variety and are easy to adjust for different tasks. Their design improves organization and accessibility. These features increase picking efficiency in warehouses and logistics centers.

Assembly stations by Logimarkt Engineering offer high performances. They accommodate various manual assembly tasks. Advanced ergonomic designs and custom features are valuable assets. They help operators achieve high precision and increased production. This is vital in today’s manufacturing landscape.

    Dual stand 1000 01 7024-7035

    Packing Tables

    Our Packing Tables redefine the packaging process. Features like laminated tops with safety edges are included. They further have adjustable heights and modular storage. Logimarkt Engineering’s Packing Tables meet functionality requirements. Fully equipped, they keep materials close, aiding workflow.

    Our products emphasize adaptability for various needs. They range from simple packing setups to systems linked with conveyors. Each solution is designed to optimize space and workflow.

    Packing tables’ advantages:

    • The packing tables and stations feature an ergonomic design. This design enhances comfort and boosts production. It aims to minimize physical strain in the workplace. The goal is to reduce injuries and increase employee satisfaction.
    • These products prioritize safety, efficiency, and arrangement. They have adjustable features and smart storage solutions. They facilitate a clutter-free, efficient packing environment. This enhances safety and boosts production. It further increases accuracy in operations.
    • Packing tables from Logimarkt Engineering stand as a testament to efficient design. Each table boasts a robust structure, ensuring longevity even in high-demand settings.
    • These tables come with an array of tailored options. Users can adjust table heights, add or remove components, and reconfigure layouts to suit specific operational needs. This flexibility ensures that each packing table caters to the unique demands of various packing tasks.
    • Ergonomics play a pivotal role in the design of these packing tables. The tables feature rounded edges, adjustable heights, and strategic component placement. These aspects help reduce physical strain. The ergonomic focus provides a healthier work environment. It minimizes injury risks and boosts staff wellbeing.
    • Durability is a cornerstone of these packing tables. Crafted with high-quality materials, they withstand the rigors of daily use. The hard, scratch-resistant surfaces ensure a lasting, pristine look while maintaining functionality.
    • Maximizing workspace is vital. These packing tables offer solutions that optimize space usage. Whether it’s integrating storage solutions or designing for compact spaces, each table is an ally in creating an organized and efficient packing area.
    • These packing tables are compatible with existing logistics setups. They integrate with various conveyor systems and packing technologies. This match ensures a smooth transition and enhances efficiency.
    • Logimarkt Engineering’s packing tables adhere to industry standards. Each product reflects a commitment to quality, safety, and performance. This adherence guarantees clients effective, regulation-compliant solutions.

    In the evolving world of logistics, these packing tables meet modern challenges. They combine innovation, efficiency, and ergonomic design. This way, they are valuable assets in any packing operation.

    ReferenceExternal dimensionsLoad capacity (kg)
    Packing table 1550 03LM1607-011550 x 750 x 750-1050 mm300 kgView product
    Packing table 1550 04LM1607-021550 x 750 x 750-1050 mm300 kgView product
    Dual stand 1000 01 7024-70351000 01 7024/70351243 x 628 x 1308 mm200 kgView product
    Tables for picking and packing

    Picking Tables

    Logimarkt Engineering’s Picking Tables are durable and resilient. Made from solid steel, they endure intense industrial demands. Their countertops are high-quality laminated boards, offering a sturdy workspace for picking tasks.

    These tables include innovative storage solutions. Spacious drawers and perforated boards organize tools and accessories. This setup makes items accessible and enhances workflow efficiency. It further reduces the time spent searching for needed items.

    Perks of the picking tables:

    • The upper structure of these tables is designed to adapt. The tables have metal shelves with angle adjustment. They have sections for organizing materials, as well. Users can customize their workspace to suit their needs. This volatility is crucial for efficient and streamlined picking.
    • The tables have adjustable handles for tools and equipment. They have integrated LED lighting, as well. Ergonomic positioning of important elements reduces effort. These ergonomic features ensure a comfortable and productive working environment.
    • Each picking table includes a surge protector and multiple sockets. This setup supports the use of electronic devices and tools.
    • For these tables, height adjustment is essential. They offer manual screw, hydraulic, and electric adjustment options. This feature allows users of any height to work at their comfort. It boosts output and reduces the risk of injury.
    • The picking tables provide various setup options. They suit different operating needs and workspace layouts. This makes them suitable for diverse industrial uses.
    • Logimarkt Engineering’s picking tables meet the challenges of modern industry. They integrate storage, ergonomics, and adaptability.
    • Each industrial environment has its requirements. Given this, the picking tables have extensive custom options. Their flexibility allows adaptation to specific production needs. This ensures that they provide the most effective solutions.
    • These picking tables represent the forefront of modern industrial design. They combine functionality with aesthetics. This way, they create efficient and visually appealing workspaces. This innovative design approach contributes to a positive and productive work atmosphere.
    • Safety is a paramount concern in any industrial setting. Logimarkt Engineering’s picking tables are designed with safety in mind. They feature stable construction and easy-to-use interfaces. Their effect is to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

    Whether in logistics, warehousing, retail, or production, these tables are an excellent choice for picking. Their versatile design makes them suitable for a variety of industrial environments.

    ReferenceExternal dimensionsLoad capacity (kg)
    Picking table 2000 04LM20072000 x 750 x 750-1050 mm300 kgView product
    The assembly station

    Assembly stations

    Logimarkt Engineering’s manual assembly stations increase operator efficiency and safety. These stations provide guidance and integrated sensors for precise work. They are suitable for tasks that require flexibility. These stations cater to companies looking for affordable and reliable assembly solutions.

    Advantages of the Assembly Stations from Logimarkt Engineering:

    • Various types of manual assembly stations are available. Each of them features advanced engineering and ergonomic design. These stations adapt to different production needs. They ensure efficiency and user comfort.
    • In manual assembly, operators make crucial decisions. They build, inspect, and complete the final assembly. Logimarkt Engineering’s stations assist with visual cues. This ensures accuracy and lowers error chances.
    • These manual assembly stations suit varied manufacturing needs. They work well for small volumes, frequent changeovers, or limited automation. Operators can perform tasks like torquing, pressing, and assembly safely. These stations further enable thorough component inspection.

    Applications Across Industries

    Logimarkt Engineering’s assembly stations cater to a wide range of applications, such as:

    • Low-Volume Manual Assembly
    • Batch Assembly Runs
    • Specialized tasks like Fuel Injector Assembly
    • Component Torquing and more
    • Custom Solutions for Unique Requirements
    ReferenceExternal dimensionsLoad capacity (kg)
    The assembly stationLM Assembly Station1365 x 735 x 2100 mm150View product
    The assembly station ESD versionLM ESD Assembly Station1365 x 735 x 2100 mm150View product

The packing tables, picking tables, and assembly stations from Logimarkt Engineering offer complete industrial solutions. Each category aims to improve performance, quality and safety. They are crucial in modern industrial settings.

Logimarkt Engineering understands the existence of unique industrial needs. Specialists can provide bespoke solutions through consultations. They further develop tailored designs to meet specific requirements.

These products were designed to meet modern logistics requirements. More than just industrial furniture, they are essential for a productive working environment. They demonstrate a commitment to quality and modern industrial needs. These solutions help businesses improve their operations.

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