Packing table LM1607-02

The Packing Table LM1607-02 is a versatile and adaptable solution for various tasks. Picking, packing, and other activities can happen while sitting or standing. The unique feature of this table is its adjustable height. It offers users three distinct customization choices to suit their specific needs.

Advantages that make it the go-to choice in a professional space:


  • Adaptable Design: It elevates the workspace with a versatile design. This worktable allows for both seated and standing tasks without effort. This is due to its easy-to-adjust height.
  • Smart Layout: Discover endless possibilities with the trusted LM1607-02 table. The structure is sturdy, and the top is sturdy and neat, constructed from a 25 mm grey laminated sheet.
  • Organized Efficiency: Boosts productivity with specially designed elements. They include the P12 module on the left side, which hosts two spacious drawers (90×400×483 mm) and perforated panels for added utility.
  • Tech-Savvy Setup: Stay connected effortlessly with a metal computer shelf on the right (570×250 mm) and an upper structure loaded with a monitor handle, perforated boards, an adjustable metal shelf, and an intelligent strip with connectors.
  • Configuration Expertise: Adapt your workspace – three height adjustment options (smooth screw, hydraulic crank, electric). Multiple configurations meet unique customer needs, as well.
  • Reliability: A solid structure with steel sections and a durable 25 mm laminated sheet metal top. It provides a solid foundation for daily tasks.
  • Illumination: Brighten your workspace with a 1230 mm, 36 W LED lighting system. This system ensures clarity and focus on every detail.
  • Mechanical Performance: Benefit from superior mechanical and anti-corrosion results with a protective varnish coating and an elegant powder-coated finish.

The LM1607-02 Packing Table is more than just a tool. It’s a dynamic partner that increases efficiency, organization and success in your professional field. Enhance your work experience with this versatile and functional packing table.

Technical specifications

Cod produs: LM1607-02

Color: RAL 7035/5015

Warranty: 3 years

Height: 750-1050 mm

Length: 1550 mm

Depth: 750 mm

Load capacity: 300 kg

Structure / material: steel sections

Countertop type: 25 mm laminated countertop in grey

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