LM Assembly Station

LM Assembly Station is a versatile solution suitable for various environments, including assembly halls, workshops, and production plants.

Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 1365x2100x735 mm
  • Load capacity: 150 kg
  • Customization: Tailored to individual needs. Options for sizes and equipment to align with specific requirements.
  • Premium Coating: Lacquer coating ensures longevity and durability.
  • Security Measures: Two standard powder-coated keys provide secure access control.
  • Standard Color Palette: The construction features an elegant shade of grey in RAL 7035. The drawer fronts and the strip adopt a distinctive green shade in RAL 6011.

Standard Equipment:


  • Robust Structure: The LM Assembly Station features a solid L-shaped structure. It is crafted with durable steel sections.
  • Sturdy Work Surface: The worktop is 25 mm thick, grey, durable laminate board. It provides a stable base for assembly tasks.
  • Precise Levelling: This assembly station offers a level workspace with tabletop adjusters. It ensures precision in assembly operations.
  • Lighting Integration: A 36 W lamp contributes to well-lit workspaces. This fixture promotes efficiency and clarity.
  • Balancer Shelf Rail: An integrated balance shelf rail enhances the station’s functionality. It improves organization and accessibility.
  • Extended Reach: A hooked-in head extends 250 mm from the laminated board, providing additional utility for specialized tasks.
  • Container Storage: A hooked strip for Type IIIA containers accommodates up to seven containers. It further facilitates organized storage.
  • Perforated Boards: Two boards with dimensions 780×460 mm and 445×460 mm offer versatile attachment points for tools and equipment.
  • Integrated Power Hub: A strip equipped with two 230V sockets and a lamp switch ensures convenient access to power for various devices.

Under-the-Table Features: Drawer Utility


A drawer with dimensions (H × W × D) 173×386×450 mm is equipped with telescopic slides, boasting a load capacity of 40 kg. The drawer extends 90% and protects against falling out. It employs a cylindrical lock in the Master system, allowing compatibility with a unique Master key, available separately.

Experience increased efficiency and customize your workspace with the LM assembly station, meticulously designed to meet the demands of dynamic assembly environments. Enhance your assembly operations with the perfect combination of customization and reliability.

Technical specifications

Cod produs: LM Assembly Station

Height: 2100 mm

Width: 1365 mm

Depth: 735 mm

Load capacity: 150 kg

Countertop type: laminated

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