Dispensers for foldable containers and pallet boxes

PALOMAT® Dispensers for foldable boxes are an innovative product on their market. Due to the feed back received from the clients, Logimarkt developed together with Palomat a solution dedicated to the foldable boxes.

Thanks to the volume reduction by folding when they are not in use, this type of containers is widely used, being among the most solicitated returnable packaging in the industry of auto components producers (automotive).

Their safe storage and handling is very important, as they are packaging which must be protected against any kind of deteriorations which can lead to loosing their main properties, because they also need to protect very expensive or very sensitive products.

These foldable pallet boxes are placed in stacks of 6-14 folded containers. They are de-stacked either manually by 2 operators, or using the forklift, if the stack is more than 1.7 meters high. The use of the forklifts in production is often avoided because of the risk of accidents, long handling time and the large space needed for its maneuvering. Out of these reasons, the solution developed by Palomat and Logimarkt is very profitable: it allows for the pallet truck to be used for removing the foldable pallet boxes, one by one.

Beside the integrity of the plastic containers during their storage, it is very important to ensure also the security of the operators while they maneuver these packaging. If we consider that they have even more that 35-40 kg (depending on their dimensions), any bad move or incorrect placement in the stack, can lead to work accidents and harm the operators.

Considering all these aspects, the pallet magazine for foldable pallet boxes and containers is a necessity for the companies which are intensively using these packaging.

The advantages of this dispenser for collapsible boxes are many:

  • order in the storage space
  • increases the number of products which can be placed in a stack
  • optimization of the work place, as a positive consequence of the first 2 points
  • it is enough to have only a pallet truck, so the handling could be done also by women or operators with normal physical condition
  • there is no need for qualified personnel for driving the forklifts
  • decreased number of deteriorated or broken containers
  • decreased number of accidents caused by bad handling

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