LM Protective bumpers

We at Logimarkt, as a constant and multi-supplier for protective packaging and logistic solutions, take very seriously the safety of employees and products, because we think that it is always best to prevent then to support damages.

This category of products is designed to protect certain fragile points in a warehouse that if damaged by the equipment that is used daily, it could cause extreme damage to the goods and most important, it could cause severe injury for employees.

We want to line up more advantages for you to go safer with LM protective bumpers:

  • Simple and visible solution: the products are completely modular, easy to install and easy to be spotted, according to safety standards.
  • Complete protection solution : at the base they have a patented spring element, made from PU (polyurethane), which creates a deformation area on impact up to a 10°, about 175 mm inclination. This deforming safe zone is created due to upstream force absorption and offers protection not only for the goods and employees, but also for the floor and prevents breakage of the fasteners.
  • Flexible and customized solution: LM protective bumpers system can be individually adapted to the situation on the spot. From strong separation of individual areas to flexible applications that protect the floor


  • Sustainable solution: steel is safe and environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled into the recycling system in various ways and without complicated processing.
  • Strong and resistant solution: the protective bumpers are mainly made from high quality steel and can absorb enormous forces. Plus, if the bumpers are overcoat, then it will deform, but the entire system remains intact, minus the deformation after the impact. This means that the solution will not break, unlike plastic solutions that must be entirely replaced after an impact.
  • Cost efficient solution: LM protective bumpers are saving high costs that could be paid for work incidents with employees, damaged goods and replacing plastic bumpers after impact or warehouse equipment, floors and racks.

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