LM steel railing bumper

LM steel railing bumper is a robust steel solution for forklift light traffic. Fixed in the ground with spring element that facilitates easy bending without affecting the system or the floor, it is a modular system and very easy to install.

This steel railing made from profiled steel is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Both indoor and outdoor versions are coated with yellow plastic and the exterior one can be at request hot-dip galvanized.

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Beside its protection properties for employees, stocks, buildings, LM steel railing is also successfully used to separate paths destined for people or light forklifts traffic.

The fastening design is made with the form without threads and protruding screws, so that it ensures a quick and easy installation.

We can support you by providing the entire system, which includes consulting and the products, or you can check below what products are helpful for your employees, goods or building protection.

  • Support poles with 3 mm thickness steel tube and dimensions 100 x 100 mm, base plate for 200 x 200 x 10 mm (4 holes); their height can be 500 mm or 1000 mm and depending on the position they are fixed in the system, they can be:
    • At the beginning or at the end
    • In the middle
    • In the corner
  • Transverse plates with following lengths: 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 mm; they are 3 mm thick and have the dimensions 120 x 80 mm
  • Spring element with 4 fixing holes, made from PU, dimensions 206 x 206 x 50 mm; additional with fixing kit for 8 holes; these are available only in combination with the poles
  • Recessed angle that prevents dangerous forklift jamming with a 4mm wall thickness and 200 mm height
  • Door railing available only for interior installing

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