LM rack bumper

LM rack bumper is the ideal solution when it comes to protecting the racking system in a warehouse and it is available in universal dimensions for common racks and shelves. This bumper has a high impact resistance and it is modular, so it is easy to assembly. It is recommended for interior use only.

Collision with warehouse racks and shelves can have very serious consequences. There is almost always a very high cost of materials when the shelf falls and this is often amplified by an uncontrollable domino effect. The truck operator or others may be seriously injured.

This type of damages and accidents can be avoided by installing LM rack bumper for shelf protections. Its protection plate is specially designed to protect the end face of the shelves and to support against damage at start-up, due to forklift traffic and maneuvers.

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Product details

  • This solution is according to standard requirements which demands that the racking protections for collisions must not be attached to the rack itself; the fixing for our racking protection is made in the floor
  • A set consists of:
    • two protection angles for collisions, with 300 x 500 x 190 mm (length x height x depth), material thickness 4 mm
    • two C profile boards that join the protection angles with four fasteners; each board is 100 x 40 x 3 mm (length x depth x thick)
  • The protection angles allow the boards to move up to 200 mm on each side, so this means that each set of boards can be individually adapted up to 400 mm wide
  • Simple to assembly, just anchor the collision protection angle, push both boards, anchor on the second protection angle and fasten the boards with clamps
  • Each kit has 12 fixing holes
  • Covered with yellow plastic, with black signal stripes


  • S12 universal dowel with 8/100 screw (12 pieces per kit required)
  • Optionally and on request, with anchoring into concrete floors, as a solution for fixing in concrete; dowel with 12/120 (12 pieces per kit required)
  • For the protection of individual shelf supports, it is suitable to use the accessory LM cushion bumper, which can be quickly and easily attached to the shelf support without tools, using only two fastening straps, like in below image
    • Easy and quick to assembly, for shelf supports from 60 to 120 mm
    • No holes in concrete, because it is fixed with fastening straps and no dowels are needed

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