LM access point bumper

LM access point bumpers are the solution if you want to protect indoor or outdoor access gates or points, like rolling or fire doors, ramps, different entrances, paths, etc., due to flashy colors that make them very easy to spot. They are available in different dimensions and simple to assembly.

Collisions against gates and corridors usually cause major problems. The fluidity of traffic (goods and people) can be disrupted for long periods of time.

How can this be avoided? It is easy, with LM access point bumpers.

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How do they protect the access points?

The internal spiral steel spring together with the polyurethane elastic shock, absorbs the force that occur on impact. This principle minimizes damage to the vehicle and the bumper. On impact, this bumper inclines up to 25°, which is around 310 mm, and then it returns to its initial position.

Product properties for yellow and black access point bumper

  • made of 4.5 mm steel tube, ∅ 159 mm with base plate ∅ 270 mm x 10 mm that has 4 holes for ground fixing
  • internal spiral steel spring is included
  • with PU spring element, 270 mm inclined up to 25 ° (approx. 310 mm)
  • for dowels, optional as an accessory, available also with sanding tube for fixing in concrete
  • for exterior use the bumpers are hot-dip galvanized, covered with yellow plastic, with black signal stripe
  • for interior use the bumpers are yellow covered plastic, with black signal stripes
  • dimensions can be 665 x 159 mm or 965 x 159 mm
Red and white guide cylinder


  • Concrete fixing tube, including screws, with base plate ∅ 270 mm x 10 mm, tube ∅ 76 mm
  • Universal S12 dowel with 8/100 screw (4 pieces per bumper required)
  • With anchoring into concrete floors, dowel with 12/120 (4 pieces per bumper are required)

For light duty applications, only for vehicle guidance, we can provide the red and white guide cylinder version, which does not have the internal spiral spring. This allows safe starting and overtaking of the guide cylinder.

Product properties for red and white guide cylinder

  • Red and white one-piece guide cylinder with integrated base for dowel mounting
  • With white reflective stripes
    • Height 460 mm with two white stripes
    • Height 760 mm with three white stripes
    • Height 1,000 mm with four white stripes
  • Made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), pillar ∅ 80 mm, base ∅ 200 mm, with 4 fixing holes
  • 360° foldable, automatic self-straightening
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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