Lift platforms

Work positioners and lifters are devices used to lift, handle and position large items in order to be arranged and worked on. These pieces of equipment are manual, electric or hydraulic powered and can be used as standalone devices or integrated into machine automated lines.

Work positioners and lifters remove the need for manual labor, help the employees work more productively and have a safer workplace. Due to the facility of being able to fix them at the exact height needed by the operator, they are considered ergonomic and also respect the principles of LEAN management by removing any uncomfortable work positions (lower or higher that needed). Also, the clients don’t need to have more machines or make complicated adjustments in case more workers are working on the same operations, but on different shifts. The most frequent use cases for these devices are in production facilities, assembly lines, workshops, testing facilities, loading in trucks, and warehouses.

The equipment can be used for palletized goods as well as for boxes, products which are not packed (spare parts, components for assembly or service, etc.), big bags, containers, final products (furniture, house appliances, testing equipment which needs to be moved for on spot tests or measurements, paper rolls, barrels, cannisters, etc.).

What Kind of Work Positioners and Lifters Can You Choose From?

From small and compact devices to large ones with heavy duty capacities, Logimarkt has the right type of equipment for any business. The clients can opt for pallet lifters, static work positioners or scissor lift tables, among others. Logimarkt consultants are ready to help the clients to select the adequate type and model for their business.

At the same time, the basic devices can be customized with accessories or optional features and kits. Thus, there can be created a series of equipment capable of performing the specific tasks necessary on the workplace.

Discover all the categories of work positioners and lifters and contact Logimarkt for a tailored offer!

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