Pallet lifters

Pallet lifters are must-have logistic machines in warehouses where heavy palletized goods need to be lifted from the ground for various reasons, like cleaning the floor area, easy access to the products stored on the pallet or container, etc. The design of the pallet lifters gives the operator the freedom to work safely and in a productive manner, the access to the load being possible from all 3 open sides.

    Pallet lifter

    Pallet lifter

    The pallet lifter is one of the most efficient and useful logistic devices in warehouses, where employees need to handle and arrange palletized goods. With a loading capacity of maximum 1,500 kg and a lifting speed of 26 seconds, the pallet lifter helps employees to work faster, more efficiently and in conditions of maximum safety.

    The design of the pallet lifter allows the operator to approach the pallet from three sides, finding the most ergonomic and safe position. Also, the device can be tilted 40 degrees to the left or right, allowing the operator a clear view to what they are doing.

    The model of pallet lifter has a maximum working height of 880 mm and can be fitted with custom made forks to handle any type of pallet. In addition to the standard models, it can also chosen the very compact Column pallet lifter, which can fit even very narrow aisles.

    ReferenceLoad capacity (kg)Lifting height (mm)Lowest height (mm)Platform Lxl (mm)PowerWeight (kg)Tilting angle
    Pallet lifter 160 T160 T750 kg900 mmN.A.N.A.0,75 kw160 kgN.A.View product
    Pallet lifter 710 T710 T1500 kg880 mm50 mmN.A.0,75 kw710 kgN.A.View product
    Pallet lifter 670 T670 T1500 kg880 mm50 mmN.A.0,75 kw670 kgN.A.View product
    Pallet lifter 275 T275 T750 kg900 mm70 mmN.A.0,75 kw275 kgN.A.View product
    Pallet lifter 340340750 kg900 mm10 mmN.A.0,75 kw340 kgN.A.View product
    Pallet lifter 250 T250 T750 kg900 mm70 mmN.A.0,75 kw250 kgN.A.View product

Pallet lifters have a compact design, ideal for busy warehouses with narrow aisles. They have a solid build and can lift heavy loads. Depending on the company needs, the pallet lifters can be customized with forks that fit pallets of various sizes (EURO, ISO, other dimensions).


The pallets or containers are easily placed on the pallet lifters with the pallet truck of forklifts.

Also, they can be moved where they are needed, only using the trolley accessory.

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