Pallet leveler

Pallet levelers are among the most useful logistic equipment for material handling in warehouses and loading/unloading bays. They use a heavy-duty reinforced air cushion to keep a loaded pallet lifted at an ergonomic height for the worker. This cushion can be inflated even with a portable compressor, exactly where the lifter needs to be used.

As the employee unloads products, pallet levelers go up higher, ensuring the same height throughout the operation. In this way, your employees will work more efficiently, safely and without the risk of labor accidents that are caused by repeatedly bending over to pick heavy items.

The Logimarkt consultants are ready to discuss various use cases for pallet levelers with you and help you select the right model for your business, so contact us!

    Pallet leveller

    Pallet leveler

    The pallet lifter is a must-have piece of equipment in warehouses where employees have to unload/load products from pallets. This innovative machine has an inflatable airbag that lifts the platform of the pallet leveler to a comfortable height. The loaded pallet can be then placed on the platform with a forklift, and the employee starts unloading the products without having to bend over.

    As the pallet gets lighter, the airbag continues to push it upwards, maintaining it at the same comfortable height. Also, to improve productivity and ergonomics, the platform of the pallet leveler can be rotated at 360 degrees.

    Key features of the pallet lifter 220 R:

    • Reinforced airbag capable of holding heavy loads;
    • Turntable platform with low friction ensuring a smooth rotation;
    • Stable base;
    • Suitable for uneven loads;
    • No electricity needed, the airbag is inflated with an air compressor.
    ReferenceLoad capacity (kg)Lifting height (mm)Lowest height (mm)Weight (kg)
    Pallet lifter 220 R220 R150 - 2000 kg464 mm241 mm220 kg incl. pack.View product

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