Dock lift table

Dock lift table allow warehouse and workshop workers to lift very heavy loads to a comfortable height for loading/unloading or working on a piece of machinery. These material handling devices for heavy duty use have a very robust build and incorporate several safety features for the operator’s protection.

Dock lift tables can handle loads up to 5.500 kg and thus they are recommended in the auto industry, in industrial manufacturing facilities, workshops and repair centers for heavy engines and machinery. Logimarkt offers you a large selection of dock lift tables adequate to various use cases and requirements.

    Pneumatic lifting table LT

    Pneumatic lifting table LT

    Pneumatic lifting tables are recommended for moving heavy materials of up to 5,000 kg. It is operated by a 3/4 KW engine and features a single-acting hydraulic cylinder. This model is built using top quality industrial design principles and is certified for safe use according to the E1570 standard and IP54 protection class for use in an enclosed environment.

    Key Features and Benefits of the Pneumatic lifting table 

    This industrial equipment is recommended for production facilities and warehouses where heavy materials and bulk goods need moving and arranging on shelves, such as:

    • Automotive
    • Industrial production
    • Constructions
    • Steel manufacturing.

    The pneumatic lifting table has a weighted construction which ensures optimal stability in use and a torsion-resistant platform. The operator has several safety mechanisms and features available, such as:

    • Safety switch under the platform;
    • Ergonomic control lamp with a 3 m cable;
    • Hoist limit switch that can be easily adjusted.

    The mechanism of the pneumatic lifting table features steel rollers on the scissors end and scissor bearings that do not require maintenance. It is operated by a hydraulic aggregate with a 400 V 50 Hz engine. Thus, the total lifting time for a full lift under maximum load is only 60 seconds.

    The equipment can be safely transported thanks to the lifting eyelets incorporated in the design of the table.

    Our specialists are available to answer further inquiries concerning the features and use cases for the pneumatic lifting table, so contact us by email or phone!

    ReferenceLoad capacity (kg)Platform length (mm)Platform width (mm)Lifting height (mm)Lowest height (mm)Platform Lxl (mm)PowerWeight (kg)Compressed Air
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 1100LT 11001500 kg2500 mm1500 mm1600 mmN.A.N.A.3 kw1100 kgN.A.View product
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 1450LT 14502500 kg2000 mm1500 mm1600 mmN.A.N.A.3 kw1450 kgN.A.View product
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 1650LT 16502500 kg3000 mm2000 mm1600 mmN.A.N.A.3 kw1650 kgN.A.View product
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 1750LT 17502500 kg3000 mm2400 mm1600 mmN.A.N.A.3 kw1750 kgN.A.View product
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 2200LT 22004000 kg3500 mm2000 mm1700 mmN.A.N.A.4 kw2200 kgN.A.View product
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 2400LT 24005500 kg3500 mm2400 mm1700 mmN.A.N.A.4 kw2400 kgN.A.View product
    Pneumatic lifting table LT 2500LT 25005000 kg4000 mm2400 mm1700 mmN.A.N.A.4 kw2500 kgN.A.View product

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