Flat lift tables

Flat lift tables help employees who work in material handling areas, to perform their tasks in a safe, ergonomic and productive manner. Also known as scissor lift tables, these material handling devices are fully electric and operated by a handheld control unit.

Thus, the operator can load with a forklift the container or product on the flat lift table and, using the control unit, lifts it to the exact ergonomic height they need to work on it or, as applicable, load/unload a container. In case there is no possibility to use the forklift, there’s the option to add a loading ramp, and place the pallets or containers with a pallet truck, or, as alternative, it can be mounted in a pit on the floor, so when it’s down and tighten, it’s at the ground level, so the loading is done effortless and in a minute.

    Electric lift table

    Electric lift table

    If your business needs a reliable electric lift table, the LT model is the right choice for you. It is made of welded steel, with a robust design that can lift heavy loads of up to 2000 kg. With a maximum lifting time of 35 seconds for a full lift, this flat lift table will increase productivity at your workplace, while offering uncompromising safety to the operator.

    This series of flat lift tables is available either with a full platform or a U-shaped frame, adequate for various types of items and loads. The mechanism has a scissor design and features maintenance free bearings. To ensure the longest useful life of this flat lift table, you should ensure that it is used for maximum 10 stroke cycles per hour in one-shift operation.

    Concerning the safe operation, the flat lift table is compliant with EN1570-1 standard and has the IP54 protection class. The operator has control over the machine using a manual switch with three positions: Up, Down and Emergency Off. The flat lift table is delivered with an oil filing and ready for connection, with all the necessary devices according to EN1570 standard.

    Warning! This flat lift table can only be used for lifting materials, not persons!

    ReferenceLoad capacity (kg)Platform length (mm)Platform width (mm)Lifting height (mm)Lowest height (mm)Platform Lxl (mm)PowerWeight (kg)
    Electric lift table LT 280ULT 280U1000 kg1450 mm1140 mm775 mmN.A.N.A.1 kw280 kgView product
    Electric lift table LT 326FLT 326F1000 kg1450 mm800 mm775 mmN.A.N.A.1 kw326 kgView product
    Electric lift table LT 380ULT 380U1500 kg1600 mm1180 mm755 mmN.A.N.A.2 kw380 kgView product
    Electric lift table LT 420FLT 420F2000 kg1600 mm1200 mm775 mmN.A.N.A.2 kw420 kgView product

Flat lift tables are used in all industries requiring heavy material lifting, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Maintenance/service
  • Warehousing
  • Engineering
  • Steel industry.

Logimarkt offers a comprehensive range of flat lift tables, adequate for various use cases and load capacities. We encourage our clients to browse the products page and contact our consultants to discuss your project.

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