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Sometimes it might be inconvenient having to operate on a stationary workplace due to the unnecessary distance between the workplace’s location and the rest of the warehouse areas that sometimes happen to need assistance. In order to ease this job, Logimarkt proposes a solution to be used so that the productivity of the client’s current workers and infrastructure will increase significantly.

With the 2 in 1 Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems, workers will no longer have to spend valuable time on walking from a workplace to the location where an employee’s assistance is needed, but instead they can take their items wherever they are needed.

The stations come in Mid-Range Unit, Heavy-Duty Unit or Quality Testing Unit.

  • Mobile workstations with power supply

    Mobile workstation with power supply LMMW1-9401

    The Mid-Range Unit is fully adjustable, it can come with up to three shelves and it is the perfect mobile workstation that will be space saving, being able to power up to 4 devices for 8-12 hours.

    It can accomodate any profile of workstation, even those with scales, testing equipment, large monitors, different types of printers and more.

    Some of its unique features are:

    • Integrated power, it is rechargeable and able to run up to 4 devices simultaneously for 8-12 hours of charging cycles
    • It is mobile and able to move wherever it is needed
    • The shelves and accessories can be easily adjusted due to its flexibility in order to perfectly suit each operator’s needs and preferences
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  • Heavy duty workstation

    Heavy-duty rolling mobile computer desk keyboard laptop workstation LMMW2-9402

    The Heavy-Duty Unit is a mobile platform that provides the same flexibility as other workstations, but it also represents a solution that allows expanded possibilities, by having a room for a laser printer, supplies and more. It is an optimal unit for warehouse picking and transport needs. Thanks to its large platform it can have room for both a laptop and paperwork.

    The unit’s unique features include:

    • A solid construction that can handle a capacity of 181 kg
    • Precise and gentle movements allowed by specialized casters, that require minimal force even at maximum capacity
    • Either a 76 cm or 101 cm table top, to which can be added a folding shelf which will expand its total dimensions to 167 x 60 cm
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  • Battery powered workstation

    Mobile workplace and portable power system LMMW3-9403

    The Quality Testing Unit is designed for mobile quality testing, measurement, inspection and other processes requiring a wide range of storage capabilities. Just like the other mobil workstations, it provides power for various equipment, such as laptops, tablets, monitors, barcode printers, scanners, testing and/or inspection devices and more, for +8 hours at a time.

    Among its features, there are mentioned:

    • Time reduction, as the testing can now be performed right by the specific product/line
    • More space, the Quality Testing Unit holds three locking drawers for storing tools
    • A quiet, seamless AC power
    • No time wasted, by swapping its powerful batteries it can be used for a 24/7 continuous operation
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  • Some of the benefits of operating with a mobile workstation include, but don’t limit to:

    • Productivity boost, due to the fact that now it is possible to process the same transactions with less equipment, such as printers, computers scanners, etc. by switching to a mobile workstation
    • Instant processing, productivity gains can be obtain faster and the workstations are delivered and can be used on the same day, so no precious time is wasted on waiting or assembling the Mobile Workplace
    • No holding back, while working with the Portable Power System it is now possible to move from one location to another without worrying about the lenght of power cords, due to the fact that the power transmition allows workers and workplace to move wherever they are needed
    • Unlimited access to data, because the operators and managers can take their workstation with them across the warehouse
    • No additional investment, the mobile workstations can easily integrate with the already in use software and hardware systems, thus eliminating the need for new pieces of equipment

    The mobile workstations, that will be working in wireless facilities, will help a company achieve optimal productivity and increasing the supply chain efficiency in a warehouse.

    They will provide:

    • Inspection and labeling of goods
    • Inventory control
    • Order processing and completing
    • Outbound labeling and cross-docking.

    While working in manufacturing facilities, the Mobile Workstations support the processes that require greater operational flexibility.

    Some of its perks are:

    • Quality control
    • Lot traceability
    • Mobile supervision with the help of the mobile station
    • Facilitate visual work instruction
    • Material renewal
    • Finished products labeling

    While working on retail floors, it is important to work efficient and to save as much time as possible, to improve accuracy and to keep the sales personnel available for when the customers might need them.

    With the Mobile Workplace, the client will be able to:

    • Print shelf labeling, tags and signs
    • Manage inventory
    • Manage the line-busting
    • Turn a workstation into a “point of sale” station
    • Have a portable power unit at discretion any time

    The Mobile Workplace proposed by Logimarkt is also available to use in other workplaces that were not mentioned, such as health care, government agencies, education facilities and more.

    A few examples of why is the station also recommended to be used in special environments are the following ones:

    • In health care workspace, it is possible to transform the workstation into a personal mobile patient charting
    • In a government agency, the workstation can be used as a holder for explosive detection equipment
    • In education facilities, the workstation can be used as a portable power for audio and electronic devices equipment, mobile registration or orientation

    The wireless workstations come with the possibility to integrate power supplies, thus it will not only transport barcode printers, PCs, stations used for dimensioning, scales, and other electronic equipment, but it will also be a power supplier for them up to 8-12 hours at a time or even 24/7, if the batteries are being recharged at a power source.

    Flexibility in organising mobile workspaces

    If there are worries about having to organise items in a specific order due to factors such as dimension, position, safety and so on, the workstations provide a simple way to integrate them into a facility.

    An example of a simple but yet efficient configuration consists of having a high-volume label printer, laptop/PC with specific softwares, and a mobile powered workstation.

    By working with the mobile workstations, significant changes will be observed, such as:

    • On-demand printing and reducing costly mislabeling errors
    • Full screen access to real-time information in a continuous flow
    • The costly footsteps are eliminated
    • The accuracy will be improved and the productivity will significantly increase immediately
    • In only 4-6 months since using mobile workstations, the ROI (return of investment) will be seen

    Power swap nucleus

    With the help of the Power Swap Nucleus, the client will be able to use electronic equipment (such as laptop, tablet, printer, scanner and others) for more than 8 hours at a time, before recharging the power banks. Once the battery is empty, it can be swapped with a full one in a matter of seconds and with no tool or heavy lifting required, thus being able to complete a full 24 hours cycle of continuous power for the used equipment.

    Some of its features are the following:

    • It is the first lithium iron phosphate power bank used in the industrial environment and designed with care for the safest experience
    • Each battery slot supports up to 460 watt hours and its weight is of only 5 kg
    • The battery life lasts for 5-7 years, which is equal to 3,000 cycles, so it will provide a long-term investment
    • The system that the batteries come with consists of: 1-4 battery packs, a power docking station for the mobile workstation and a battery changing station
    • It integrates perfectly with any of the Mobile Workstations and even with a client’s own cart

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