Trolley Castor Stopper

Trolley castor stoppers are necessary accessories in organizing the dynamic spaces, like storage areas/warehouses, purchasing/supply, production, distribution, logistics or transport. Also, they help to reduce the injury risks caused by improper handling of trolleys/carts or those caused by strollers with slight defects in direction/steering, or the ones that have wheels without stopper included.

In fact, dolly castor stoppers are profiles with a specific design, shaped like a frame, empty inside. In this empty space left in the middle, the operator places the trolley wheels which this way, are blocked-in by the four walls around it. The height is sufficient to allow the worker to easily perform the operations of placing and removing the trollies, using the stoppers in an ergonomic and effortless way, and also protecting the products.

They are made from a very resistant material, easy to install and use (intuitive), can be customized to fit different wheel diameters. The design ensures a quick installation in any workspace, they are not an obstacle for operators and present a high level of reliability. More than that, the stoppers don’t damage the surface on which they are installed.

The main advantages are:

  • streamline the workspace by fixing the trollies during the daily activity
  • eliminate the busy and congested areas with dollies left in disorder
  • prevent the slippage of the carts when they are not in use, and their uncontrolled movement
  • decrease the probability of the strollers’ collision with machinery/walls/ operators
  • reduce or eliminate the damages caused by a possible impact, both for the products or the goods they are transporting and for the objects or the people which they might bump into
  • reduce the risk of work accidents
  • secure the trollies not only on the even surfaces, but especially on the inclined ones, eliminating in this way the probability of accidental movement downhill, increasing the security level in any space
  • ergonomics, because this type of accessories corresponds to LEAN principles

They are available in yellow combined with black, these colors being frequently used for different signaling, increasing the efficiency of warning, and by default, of the results.

Due to the design and reflective color, the visual location of the stoppers is quick, this aspect being important in wide or busy areas, the stoppers being identifiable even from bigger distances.

These accessories can be used in warehouses, production halls, distribution areas, airports, supermarkets or hypermarkets, logistics, loading docks, industrial laundry services, freight companies, etc.

Also, they can be an alternative for the customers who have in use trollies without castor stoppers, thus they don’t have to change the entire inventory of trollies with new ones with wheel locks, but they can only add this type of stopper to the floor, reducing costs associated with equipment.

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