3D Measuring

3D measuring is one of the most recent technologies, which represents a process by the end of which, with the help of specialized equipment, the client will have a digital 3D model of a real object. The sensors integrated in the equipment will scan a product’s shape and size and will even keep images of it, to be able to put together an accurate representation of any goods.

  • The Pallet Dimensioner

    The Pallet Dimensioner

    The Pallet Dimensioner is a system to use whenever precise calculus need to be made in regarding to the number of pallets that would fit in a certain vechicle used for transport.

    It is safe and easy to use by anyone as it does not require a personal computer or any software.

    The dimensioner is self-deployable, so no extra steps will be needed during the process of folding or unfolding it.

    Its system works by using a camera that will scan the dimensions of a pallet and then store the measurements internally for further reference to them.

    The dimensioner that Logimarkt proposes promisses a smooth integration with devices such as scanners, printers, scales or IP cameras.

    Thanks to its technology, it will not only measure straight packages, but also cubic or irregular items. This feature will help decrease the time spent on getting items ready to be shipped.

    Because it is important to have the daily tasks done in the shortest time possible, the Pallet Dimensioner is manufactured in such way so that all the information in regarding to the measurements of any package or individual goods will be transmited, through Ethernet, Wi-Fi or RS232, to a working station. The measurement time is decreased to only 0.5 sec, which is an indispensible factor moreover because time is essential when working in the production area.

    Its acurracy is precise, with a margin of error of only ±2 cm.

    It operates on low temperatures, of up to -40℃, which makes it perfect to be used in warehouses or in the loading area.

    The Pallet Dimensioner proposed by Logimarkt weights only 35 kg, which makes it not only practical and easy to use, but also moveable because of its light weight.

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  • Master Data Analyzer

    Master Data Analyzer

    If working with both small and large items and data must be collected for all of the measured goods, the Master Data Analyzer will provide information such as shape, dimension, weight, barcode and image of any products.

    A few of its most valuable qualities are the following:

    • it can measure any product regardless of its shape
    • it will not need an external personal computer or any software to be able to operate
    • the mobile version is available, on a platform with wheels
    • the measurement results and images are stored internally, so anyone can access them whenever
    • the system that it owns has both a measuring and weighing system

    The Master Data Analyzer is not only a product that will contribuite to a more linear, organized and quicker process of getting items ready to be transported, but also a solution endowed with features such as:

    • an optional battery that lasts up to 8 hours of usage
    • an advanced software that can be used on the integrated touch-screen monitor
    • a feature that allows it to measure regular and irregular objects that are being placed in any orientation or position
    • a solution that has everything needed in one product: dimensioner, scale, platform, handled barcode scanner and a high quality camera

    It cand handle weights of up to 60 kg, and dimensions from 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm to 80 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm, and it operates from 5℃ – 40℃.

    Either if working with various products of different sizes, shapes or weights; or if working with slightly different items, the Master Data Analyzer is the measuring system that will make a difference by optimizing a warehouse and saving time.

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  • The Dynamic Parcel Dimensioning and Weinghing System

    The Dynamic Parcel Dimensioning and Weinghing System

    The Dynamic Parcel Dimensioning and Weinghing System is the option to choose, as it provides the possibility to use a complete system of dimensioning, weighing, barcode and image capturing for parcels.

    Its sistem input makes it so that 2000 items will be scanned and registered per hour and no external personal computer or any software is required, which represent more qualities that the Dynamic Parcel Dimensioning and Weinghing System offers.

    Moreover, all the information and images are stored internally, so it is possible to access them whenever.

    The Dynamic Parcel Dimensioning and Weinghing System is a product designed for measuring and storing esential information about parcels, but it has even more advantages available, such as:

    • it is a system designed as maintenance-free, to facilitate the comfort and to ensure the client that the valuable time spent on inconvenient processes will be eliminated
    • it permits the measuring of both regular and irregular objects, so it will completely eliminate the issues when sorting items, which might be time consuming
    • it has an auto-start/stop system integrated if distance between the objects is required
    • the software is user-friendly, available on the touch-screen monitor
    • the product helps with dimensioning, weighing, image capturing and barcode scanning of any packed goods

    It handles weights up to 80 kg and can measure objects between 5 cm x 5 cm x 0 cm and 100 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm, but they may be adapted to any needs.

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  • Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner

    Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner

    If working with large pallets and there is a need for a machine that will measure and weigh them with extreme precision and unprecedented efficiency, the Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner will be the most suitable item in a loading area, for it saves precious time and with its integrated features the effects of working with a professional machine will be seen in no time.

    What makes it so practical is the fact that it measures up to 500 pallets per hour, a quality that increases the productivity and decreases the costs in the intralogistics department.

    It does not require an external personal computer or any software to operate and all the data that it collects will be stocked internally, for eventual further use of it.

    Moreover, it does not need to be calibrated, which means that it can be used right away, without worrying about the possibility of existing eronated results.

    The Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner proposed by Logimarkt is the missing machine to be used in a warehouse in order to have precise measurements of any items and to significantly boost the work flow, but it is not limited to only these qualities. Among its benefits that were already presented, the Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner also comes with the following advantages that a company can benefit from:

    • it is a system designed as maintenance-free, to ensure comfort and to be able to eliminate the valuable time spent on inconvenient processes
    • it is able to measure pallets with dimensions of up to 4 meters large
    • its advanced software allows it to be easily accessable through its integrated touch-screen monitor
    • the machine is not only used for dimensioning and weighing pallets, but also for capturing images and scanning barcodes of the needed products, so they will be easier to identify and to trace

    The Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner will measure regular or irregular non-transparent objects and it supports a maximum weight of 2000 kg, but it may be adapted to any needs.

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