LM ground liner

LM ground liner is the ideal solution to highlight certain areas, for more safety in daily work, self- adhesive and available in various models.

The marking lines are equally important for safety like any protection system in a working area. The marking of access limits must be colorful, easily recognizable and continuous. If the marking is applied to the ground, this can be done, for example, by using strips at least 5 cm wide, of a clearly visible color like white or yellow, with sufficient contrast to the ground’s color.

With the help of our optional tape scrolling device, you can mark comfortably and effortlessly the entire area.

Product details for LM ground liner

  • For smooth floors, medium-term marking of alleys, corridors, work or traffic areas
  • Roller width 50 mm or 75 mm
  • Roll length 33000 mm
  • High quality vinyl for interior surfaces
  • Very strong adhesion and can be removed without leaving residue on most floors (ideal for short and medium term measures)
  • Available colors: white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, red-white, green-white or yellow-black

LM ground liner


  • Also available for permanent use with anti-slip surface R10, suitable for forklift traffic; properties:
    • Available colors white, yellow, blue, red and green
    • The roll is length 25,000 mm
    • made of very resistant vinyl (1000 mm), for interior surfaces
    • Tough and durable, can be trampled by forklifts
  • Tape scrolling device available for quick and without effort marking with 50 x 150 mm width, with cutting knife and 0.8 mm material thickness

LM ground liner


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