Pallet changers

Metallic pallet changer station devices are designed to help companies that handle palletized products to replace a damaged pallet from under a stack of packages.

These mechanic devices are sturdy, easy to use and offer optimal protection to the goods while the pallet is changed. They represent a very innovative solution for warehouse activity, and not only.

Why Should You Business Use Mechanic Pallet Changer Station Devices?

Motorized pallet changers are quite difficult to use. They require special training and there is always the risk of accidents due to improper operation. They are also expensive, and take up a lot of space in your warehouse.

By comparison, the devices in the mechanic pallet changer station category are very easy to use. Your employees need only minimal training, and they can use the forklifts that you already have on premises.

The compact size of the pallet changing devices makes them an ideal choice for busy warehouses and loading bays, where space is at a premium.

Versatile Equipment for All Types of Pallets

The mechanic pallet changer station can be used for the most popular models of pallets: EURO, ISO and GMA (US models). At the same time, we also have a special pallet changer for octabins. It has a special shape to hold the octagonal bin steadily while the operator changes the pallet underneath.

We encourage you to learn more about each product in the mechanic pallet changer station category, and contact us to discuss your specific application!

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