PVC Flooring solutions

The solution that Logimarkt can provide for PVC floors is made by tiles pieces, put together and lock between them in just one step. They can be applied on every new or old flooring, no matter their quality and state. The production process consists in injection molding with the latest and economical pressing machines and strong materials that give to the finished tiles maximum resistance for usage and tear, contact with different chemicals and long lasting properties.

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Below you can find advantages and reasons why you should use Logimarkt PVC flooring solutions:

  • Easy to apply and independent solution: with only a knife and a rubber mallet you are ready to get the job done very quickly, with minimum effort and no power source. Plus, the floor on which you apply Logimarkt PVC tiles does not need any preparation and the fitting is made easily, with no gluing or bonding what so ever.
  • Low maintenance: in case of damage, it is necessary to replace only the affected tiles with minimum effort and in no time. Also, in cases of flooring renovation or color changes, you need to change only the parts that are no longer conformable.
  • No moisture with air flow: the bottom part of the Logimarkt PVC floor tiles is designed with special channels in which moisture is drained out and therefore you will not have any problems due to mold or humidity and this is ideal for garages or gym floors.
  • Environment friendly solution: the main raw material in the production process of PVC flooring solutions is a recycled one used in other production processes, which is standardized and makes the saving of resources possible.


  • Versatile and flexible solution: this solution can be adapted to a wide area like in manufacturing, stores, warehouses, garage parks, auto services, educational areas, etc. It is the perfect floor cover when renting a place, because it is easy to mount and demount, so that you can transfer them to another location.
  • Joyful image or color coded solution: if you want to have colorful flooring or you just need to respect a certain color code for your working space or brand, you can! Choose from a variety of colors for Logimarkt PVC floor tiles.
  • Strong and resistant: these tiles are 7 mm thick, so you do not have to worry about impact damage, because they will resist even if a hammer is dropped and common loads do not affect them either. They are also chemical resistant. This solution is made to last for years and years.

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