LM Esthetic Hide-locks PVC

LM Esthetic Hide-locks PVC tiles are designed for spaces that do not need an industrial image, but an image that puts esthetic first and décor finishing. We recommend these tiles for showrooms, offices, meeting rooms, even for household purposes.

The design is created tile by tile, but when the assembly is finished, due to hidden locks, the décor is without interruption and it offers an image as a whole.

We can line up numerous advantages that you have with esthetic PVC tiles, but the most important ones are:

  • High resistance to tear and loads, even for wheelchairs or different trolleys
  • Easy and quick installation, no special tools needed
  • Simple maintenance, can be fast dissembled if needed to assembly in another area
  • Smooth surface that facilitates cleaning and disinfection
  • Creates an anti-allergic environment
  • The surface is designed to be non-slip

Product details:

  • One tile has the dimensions 472 x 472 mm and it is 6.5 mm thick.
  • Made from homogeneous HD PVC in combination with polyurethane PUR
  • Available in 3 esthetic colors: wood, beige and silver
  • Available in single pattern: esthetic decor
  • Complete your flooring PVC solution with accessories like edge lines and corners. We can cover for you also the trimming, so you can assembly even faster the desired area.
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