LM ESD PVC tiles

LM ESD PVC tiles are designed for workspaces where electrostatic discharge is mandatory, usually manufacturing plants of electrical components with circuits that can easily get damaged if conductive area is not secured.

This plays a high role in cost savings, because high costs can be spent on damaged parts or products due to poor electrical conduction.

Beside conductivity properties, this solution prevents dust deposition and is succesfully used in area where is required no dust.

Industries or applications that use ESD rooms and ESD secured spaces are numerous, like automotive, high risk of explosion, usage of electrical solutions,     healthcare, different laboratories, etc.

The most important advantages you get with this ESD flooring solution are:

  • ESD properties up to 106Ω
  • Easy and fast assembly ESD flooring solution, that does not need extra costs for installation like trained employee or special tools
  • Complete ESD solution that makes assembly possible with continuous movements, no interruptions
  • Very good machanical resistance, even when different equipments are handled or heavy loads are manipulated onto the floor.

Product details:

  • One tile has the dimensions 510,5 x 510,5 mm and it is 7 mm thick.
  • Made from 100% recyclable and homogeneous HD PVC
  • Available in grey and graphite colour
  • Available in single leather pattern
  • Complete your ESD PVC flooring solution with accessories like ESD flooring set, ESD flooring tape, finished corners and edges. We can cover for you also the corners and edges trimming, so you can assembly even faster the desired area.
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