LM Industrial PVC tiles

It is the PVC solution for industrial floorings, because they are designed and manufactured for heavy duty applications which demand resistance to pallet truck or forklift traffic and other heavy equipment.

Most relevant features and advantages are:

  • Personalize different areas and make them easy to identify with a variety of colors available, like hallways, loading/unloading platforms, safe areas, possible hazard areas, guidance lanes or signs, etc.
  • Adaptable for warehouses with loading points that can have different adjusted heights
  • Easy to clean, easy to assemble, with resistance to chemical or abrasion contact
  • Can be customized with different prints
  • Secure locking system ensures perfect bond between tiles and a strong finished product that offers usage in perfect conditions for years and years to come.

Product details:

  • A single PVC tile covers 0.25 m² and has following dimensions: 510.5 X 510.5 X 7 mm
  • Made from 100% recyclable PVC or from recycled material
  • Available in multiple colors: recycled black, recycled grey, black, graphite, grey, blue, green, yellow and red.
  • Available in 3 patterns: lines, plain and bubbles.
  • Complete your flooring PVC solution with accessories like edge lines and corners. We can cover for you also the trimming, so you can assembly even faster the desired area.
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