LM Hide-locks PVC tiles

LM Hide-locks PVC tiles solution is a versatile solution that works in multiple spaces from different applications like commercial, residential, warehouse and even industrial ones.

Like its name suggests, this “Hide-locks” PVC tiles have a unique design because after assembly, the locks are hidden so that it creates a uniform and clean image.

Check out below the main advantages that you will have with this solution:

  • Unique design for assembly with no visible locks after assembly
  • Special surface pattern like reptile-skin that has reflections and that facilitates cleaning
  • Personalize different areas like hallways or different passing lanes, make them easy to identify with a variety of colors available
  • Can be customized with different prints
  • Easy to assemble in parts, with continuous movements and no interruption
  • Offers sound and heat insulation
  • Resistant to chemical or abrasion contact
  • Very strong and durable, it can hold up to various loads

Product details:

  • One tile has the dimensions 468 x 468 mm and it is 6.7 mm thick.
  • Made from 100% recyclable and homogeneous HD PVC
  • Available in multiple colors: recycled black, recycled grey, black, graphite, grey, blue, green, yellow and red.
  • Available in single pattern: reptile-skin
  • Complete your flooring PVC solution with accessories like edge lines and corners. We can cover for you also the trimming, so you can assembly even faster the desired area.
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