Palletizing machine

Palletizing machines automate product stacking onto pallets for transport or storage. They handle various product types and sizes, arranging them in stable, space-efficient patterns. Palletizers enhance worker safety by reducing manual lifting and boost efficiency with consistent, rapid stacking. They are key in high-volume environments, ensuring uniform and secure pallet loads.

  • Automated palletizer for bags

    Automated palletizer for bags

    This device is specially designed to pick up packages or bags and store them on the pallet assigned to them for storage or transport. The working capacity of the robot is from 200 cycles/ hour to 1,000 cycles/ hour, it can lift up to 50 kg and can handle any type of content: food (flour, corn, mixtures, pastries, sugar, etc.). , building materials (sand, cement, chalk, plaster, gravel, adhesives, dry chemicals, plaster, etc.), pet food or animals in general, granules, fertilizers, etc.

    Its head has a special mechanism, which makes it possible to raise and lower the bags. It has a fastening system, the width of which can be adjusted so that any bag can fit. The side forks will gradually open to slowly release the bag, therefore the safety of the palletized products is ensured due to the precision of the robot that places the bags in the stack. Moreover, it has an integrated push device to ensure that the bags are at the same level.

    Because safety comes first, the palletizing robot that Logimarkt can produce comes with a sensor that detects the presence of the bags to be picked up by it.

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  • Palletizing machine for boxes

    Palletizing machine for boxes

    For the case in which the goods are packed in boxes and need to be stacked, the box lifting head is the right solution for palletizing fragile or heavy loads.

    The lifting head for boxes can carry even more than one item, in line or in layers, thus increasing efficiency and practicability and significantly reducing the time spent palletizing them by workers.

    Like other lifting robots, it is made of aluminum and its frame is made of stainless steel to ensure a long service life.

    Being a safe piece of machinery, in the event of a collision it has a built-in emergency stop system.

    Its sensors will detect the location of the products they need to pick up, and the process will be a simple one, carried out only by holding the box/ boxes and placing them, with special care, on a pallet.

    The equipment set on the machine is electric and pneumatic.

    More technical details of the robot are as follows:

    • It can reach up to 1,200 cycles / hour, which means that more of the products will be prepared for more efficient delivery
    • Its small size makes it easy to integrate the machine into any work area, without worrying about the lack of available space
    • Its clamping heads are designed to fit many applications, therefore suction cups or pliers can be used to benefit from an optimal and secure grip of the products
    • The operator interface panel has the features that make it suitable for any production area, and certain program changes can be made to suit the individual customer application (for example, to adjust the working speed of the automatic box palletizer, product type, palletizing plan), making this robot suitable for multi-product production plants
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  • Multi-product automated palletizer

    Multi-product automated palletizer

    The palletizer proposed by Logimarkt for several product lines is suitable when working with different types of packaging, and the customer chooses to invest in a single machine that can perform the palletizing of all goods.

    The robotic line palletizer is ideal for use when the customer is looking for a palletizer that is capable of handling production lines that have products packaged in two different types of packaging. Such circumstances can be encountered when working with bags that can also be packed in boxes. Most often, the automatic palletizer for various products is ideal for use in handling bags, boxes and packages, up to two different palletizing lines.

    It is made with an aluminum and stainless steel frame; it has an integrated emergency stop system and side forks for collecting and placing packaged products in a bag.

    Its technical features include the following:

    • It can withstand from 200 to 1,000 cycles/ hour and a maximum weight of 50 kg
    • Its small size allows the customer to easily integrate the machine in any work area, without having to worry that it has less space available
    • It is equipped with all the necessary components to be able to manage an efficient pallet management line
    • The operator interface panel has the features that make it suitable for any production area, and certain program changes can be made to suit the individual application of the customer (for example to adjust the working speed of the automatic box palletizer, type product, palletizing plan)
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  • Automated palletizing system for bundles

    Automated palletizing system for bundles

    For the food industry or only when packages are used as packaging to allow products to be handled more easily during transport, Logimarkt proposes a precise and secure package palletizing system.

    Some of its technical features are the following:

    • The robot’s gripping head can handle either a single product or multiple bundles and it protects the packaging from any damages
    • It can handle up to 100 cycles/hour
    • The maximum weight that the automated bundles palletizer from Logimarkt can handle is of 50 kg
    • Its small size makes it easy for you to integrate the machine in any working area, not having to worry about the little space available
    • It is equipped with all the components necessary to be able to handle an efficient management line for the pallets, making various movements (position movements, stop, turning, compacting) that facilitate a firm and precise gripping and positioning on the pallet

    It is also possible to modify the program to make the palletizing robot for packages easy to use and suitable for any type of production. Some of its features, which can be changed, are adaptability to product measurements and speed and palletizing plan.

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  • Automated palletizing machine for bins

    Automated palletizing machine for bins

    For products that are stored in a tank, basket or bucket, Logimarkt offers a palletizing solution that can handle these demands.

    The palletizing machine for buckets is a small size option that, among other things, comes with the following benefits:

    • 420 cycles/ hour of palletized buckets
    • Maximum handled weight of 50 kg
    • Its small size makes it easy to integrate the machine into any work area without worrying about the limited space available
    • Equipment of pneumatic devices, which allow the alignment of products, and divide them to be safely and more accurately
    • The gripping head can lift the bucket by holding either the lid or the bucket itself and, on request, an accessory can be added that will recognize the position of the handle and make the correct rotation before lifting it
    • On request, the robot palletizer can be customized by applying all the necessary components to obtain an ideal management line for packaged products

    There is also the possibility to change the settings and make the bucket palletizer robot easy to use and suitable for various types of products. Some of its features, which can be adjusted, are adaptability to product measurements and speed and palletizing scheme.

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  • Automated coils palletizer

    Automated coils palletizer

    For areas where coils are used and an automated robot is needed to palletize them, Logimarkt proposes a special solution not only for palletizing but also providing the entire line with essential equipment to ensure the entire packaging process, starting with bulk goods.

    Bulk products must be supplied on line and the automatic coils palletizer will do the following:

    • Remove the rollers from the pallet and place them on the appropriate conveyor
    • Label the rollers
    • Wrap the spools before putting them aside
    • Place the coils in a box
    • Label the boxes
    • To ensure a demagnetizing impact on the product, it will palletize the boxes with a specific electromagnetic head provided with a counter-excitation device.
    • Handles empty and/ or full pallets to ensure proper line operation
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  • In addition to that, they have many major benefits:

    • constant and continuous workflow, compliance with deadlines
    • improved scheduling of the delivery program
    • fewer or even non-existent errors from the use of incorrect pallets, quantity defects, improper palletizing, leading to unstable stacks that can fall and hit workers or damage products
    • safe and ergonomic equipment for operators, improves job satisfaction
    • can also pack products of medium and large size/ weight, which is more difficult to do manually or with semi-automated equipment
    • can pack small products, thus increasing work speed and productivity
    • pallets can also be prepared in high stacks, which are more difficult to do with manual handling or semi-automated machines
    • for complex applications, they can be integrated with several input and output conveyor lines, being able to pack mixed types of products in the same production unit
    • products with less or no damage during packing due to their high accuracy and precision compared to operators
    • can be customized to suit various applications with specific requirements
    • may have accessories to improve the palletizing experience, such as side presses for straight and stable stacks, laying non-slip base sheets or intermediate layers, single or multiple lifting heads

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