Stretch hood packaging machines

The stretch hood/stretch bags packaging is ideal when the goods aren’t very stable in stack and cannot be rotated for wrapping, they need protection from water, dust (construction materials, for example), or in general from any type of impurities or aggressions.

    ReferenceFilm typeInstalled Power (kW)
    Stretch hood packaging machines ST100ST100polyethylene stretch15 KWView product
    Stretch hood packaging machines ST105ST105polyethylene stretch~ 9,0 kWView product

The functioning principle is simple: firstly the tubular stretch film/bag is stretched out, tensioned in 4 points, and then it’s lowered along the stack, respecting its contours, until the goods are completely covered. The film is specially produced, so there is no need for thermo procedures while packing, reducing like this the costs. We have also optimized working time due to the fact that there is only one single operation instead of two.

The system is suitable for exposed products which need protection especially for the top of the stack, including the hygienic ones. The flexibility of the packing film ensures the integrity of the goods and their stability after packaging, and the fact that it is very thin, considerably reduces the costs.

An important aspect is that the power of the film surrounding the goods is bigger than in the case of traditional contractible foils, or the manual wrapping.

The machine can use up to 3 different dimensions of film or can change the functions for the same roll format. There is the option that, when the foil completely covered the pallet, to go up again along the base of the stack, securing and reinforcing it.

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