Robot stretch film wrapping machines LM 101

Reference: N.A.


  • 2 traction batteries 12V/each maintenance free-gel
  • Automatic battery charger included
  • Pallet height sensing photocell
  • Standard height pallet 2400 mm (pallet included)
  • Carry the robot without removing batteries
  • Microprocessor panel control with digital keypad
  • Down cycle setting
  • Up cycle setting
  • n. 10 wrapping programs (upward-downward cycle-standard, only upward cycle, only upward cycle with hood 4 free sides, standard cycle with hood 4 free sides)
  • Manual wrapping cycle
  • Malfunctions and alarms diagnostic from PLC siemens
  • Mechanical clutch for film tensioning
  • Upward/Downward speed carriege setting
  • Steering with buttons for forward / backward
  • Frontal emergency protective casing for stopping robot
  • Charge level indicator
  • Sheet metal machine
  • Transmission reel carriege throught chain

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