Carton cushion padding machines

The carton cushion padding machines for protective packaging recycle in one step the carton waste with different dimensions, coming from boxes or other uses, and transforms them into protective packaging net or carton mesh type, to fill-in the empty spaces inside the packing boxes, in order to protect the products during transportation or storage.

The cardboard padding machines are a compact equipment, with ergonomic and design and dimensions, easy to use, and which can be easily placed in different work areas. They have uses in production, storage, transport, different recycle centers.

The functioning principle is shredder type, the cardboard sheet is introduced in the cutting and perforating with metal blades area, and it is extracted in the shape of a cardboard net.

    ReferenceOverall dimensions (mm)FeedingMotorDimensions of the cardboard feeding areaCutting speedNoise levelWeight (kg)
    Small carton cushion padding machine610 x 395 x 375230 V1.2 kW10 mm height, up to 415 mm width (adjustable)8 m / minute68-70 dB(A)50.25 kgView product
    Large carton cushion padding machine770 x 570 x 1040230 V / 50 Hz, 120 V / 60Hz, 220 V / 60 Hz1.4 kW20 mm height, 425 mm width (wider cardboard is automatically trimmed)8.5 – 14.0 m / minute66-67 dB(A)170 kgView product
    Padding mat machine LMKCP PM03980 x 660 x 660230 V, 50-60 cps0.75 kW15 mm height, 320 mm width12 m/ minute (2-3 mᶾ/ h)60 dB(A) no loaµd / 68 dB(A) operating110 kgView product
    Padding mat machine LMKCP PM05980 x 660 x 660400 V, 50 cps1.5 kW 3 ph18 mm height, 420 mm width13 m/ minute (4-6 mᶾ/ h)60 dB(A) no load / 68 dB(A) operating125 kgView product
    Padding mat machine LMKCP PM071100 x 750 x 800400 V, 50 cps4 kW 3 ph20 mm height, 420 mm width14-26 m/ minute (7-10 mᶾ/ h)64 dB(A) no load / 78 dB(A) operating295 kgView product

The advantages of carton cushion padding machines:

  • reducing the costs by immediately recycling the cardboard waste and the efficient storage spaces for waste
  • obtaining with smaller costs, an anti-shocks quality packaging material
  • reducing the packaging costs by using the recycled product obtained by shredding the cardboard
  • easy to use, there is no need for training sessions for operators
  • robust structure, is designed for intensive use
  • easy to accommodate in the work areas, can be even placed on the working counter
  • it is an ecologic packing system by recycling the cardboard boxes


The use of the cardboard cushioning machines is simple. The perforator is equipped with a measuring ruler and buttons which clearly indicates the actions. The buttons are covered with a solid transparent membrane to resist the multiple uses. There is also a reverse function in case the cardboard sheet is blocked or hung, preventing like this the accidents or the situations when unwanted elements are trapped. The blades are resistant to staples or metal clips that are used to fix the carton boxes. The shredder’s engine is powerful but in the same time silent, protected against overheating, being designed for the continuous functioning of the machine.

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