Sealing machines

Sealing machines are essential for ensuring products are securely enclosed within their packaging. They apply heat, adhesive, or other sealing methods to close bags, pouches, or cartons. These machines are adjustable to accommodate different materials and sealing requirements. They offer consistent, strong seals, preventing product contamination or loss during transit. With automation options, they can greatly speed up packaging. This ensures high efficiency in large-scale operations.

  • Sealing and vacuum system

    Automatic sealing machine LMSM1-9201

    The Heavy-Duty Industrial Sealer is equipped with two new technologies to contribute to an increased comfort level while working with it: Switched Mode Power Supply, which uses semiconductor switching techniques instead of using standard linear methods to conduct the output voltage level that is required; and Digital Temperature Measurement, for sealing.

    These new technologies are useful for precisely maintaining the proper temperature for sealing during the whole process. It is possible for the the temperature parameters to be set and saved for further use.

    Another perk of the automatic industrial sealer is the fact that it owns Modular Sealing Bar technology, which contributes to increasing a business’ profit by being a practical, efficient and time-saving solution. The Modular Sealing Bar technology allows the sealing bar’s width to be changed accordingly to any needs within a few minutes. Moreover, to be able to compensate with the width changes, the temperature, time and closing pressure settings will adjust automatically. In regarding to the maintenance of the used sealing bar, it won’t affect the packaging process in any way due to the fact that it can be easily done in parallel, while the Industrial Sealer is being used.

    More of the industrial vacuum sealer’s main qualities, that makes it a solution which can assist the customer and help a business to save time and benefit from a visible increase in productivity, are the following ones:

    • It won’t be affected by the industrial working conditions, such as dust, dirt, humidity, temperature fluctuations, etc.
    • The pressure used for sealing is very high (20 N/cm² and higher)
    • The time spent on each working cycle is limited, so the working flow will not be affected
    • It is a compact machine, so it will not require a lot of space
    • It is a cost-effective solution because it will consume low energy
    • The sealing process is a high-quality one because it uses a 8 mm wide bi-active sealing
    • Its touch display control unit measures 7” LCD
    • The menu system is easy to be read by workers and it’s user friendly
    • Safetiness is one aspect that always needs to be fulfilled, so it’s a priority to have a multi-level safety system integrated into the Industrial Sealer
    • The sealing bars are pneumatically operated and easy to work with
    • The client can choose if the working cycle will be automatic or manual
    • The air filter that the sealing machine comes equipped with is pneumatic
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  • Sealing and vacuum head

    Industrial sealing machine LMSM2-9202

    This Heavy-Duty Industrial Sealer owns Modular Sealing Bar technology, which contributes to increasing profit by being a practical, efficient and time-saving solution. The Modular Sealing Bar technology allows the sealing bar’s width to be changed accordingly to any request within a few minutes. Moreover, to be able to compensate with the width changes, the temperature, time and closing pressure settings will adjust automatically.

    The sealing bars of the Automatic sealing machine and the Industrial sealing machine are interchangeable and completely dedicated to the optimal sealing results.

    Its bars have a strong base, flat surface and they are made of strong magnesium aluminum profile. Furthermore, after each sealing cycle, the system will provide a proper and fast cooling due to its aluminum ribs that can be found inside the sealing bar.

    More of its technical features are the following:

    • Built in temperature sensor digitally controlled
    • Sealing can be done from two sides, which are the upper and lower bars of the Heavy-Duty Industrial Sealer
    • It has a built-in pinch protection, to ensure the safety of the workers

    In order to avoid any unpleasant accident, the entire machine is designed in such way so that it ensures the highest safety. The cables do not run free and there are no spaces opened on the machine’s frame.

    The vacuum sealer with temperature sensor is designed to serve the client as a flexible solution for any type of industrial product, at high speed. It vacuums air out of big sized bags, making it possible to vacuum up to 100 m3/h of air out of the bag. The vacuum time or pressure can be adjusted by using the machine’s control board.

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  • Heavy duty sealing machine

    Heavy-duty sealing machine for various products LMSM3-9203

    The sealing machine for various products that Logimarkt proposes represents a packaging solution for extremely big packages, in order to have them ready to be shipped.

    Moreover, it protects the products from the harmful factors that might severely affect their state, such as water, oxygen or bugs.

    The materials that the sealing machine is able to work with are the following:

    • PE
    • PP
    • PET/Paper/PE
    • PET/Aluminum/PE
    • Other laminated materials that are able to be sealed at the inside layer

    Its working cycles are adjustable and it has numerous functions, which will increase the level of productivity by simply using the sealing vacuum machine. Some of the working cycles are:

    • Sealing
    • Vacuum and sealing
    • Inert gas insertion and sealing
    • Vacuum, sealing and inert gas insertion
    • And other sealing combination that you might need

    All of the fast vacuum sealer’s working cycles can be changed and saved in its software for further use.

    The sealing bar open technology offers a new mechanics that will provide a complete visual working area, very fast working cycles, safety during operations and a working environment created to be both user-friendly and ergonomic.

    Among its new features we also find the independence from each other vacuum, that can be controlled, and the gas pipe, now with its stroke length of up to 2 000 mm. The the sealer’s vacuum tube can be driven down to the opening of the package or even into the product without worrying that the vacuum tube might get blocked by the material of the bag and even significantly deteriorate. The same process is available for the gas tube, which can be driven down until it reaches the bottom of the product, in order to provide optimum gas flow and to reduce the oxygen level until there will not be any particle left at the end of the packaging cycle.

    As another one of its perks, the client also benefits from a maximum level of 99.99% vacuum isolation provided by the optimal sealing solution.

    The modular sealing bar technology provides an extremely easy level of maintenance, its operation is flexible due to the fact that the sealing bars can be changed without much effort and in a short time (2 minutes) and the sealing length is of up to 3 000 mm.

    The side channel blowers have important functions, such as being able to vacuum a big volume of air in a short time span and the vacuum level is low, making it suitable for being used in industries such as logistic, food or industrial.

    The machine’s vacuum pump, which can be added to it, has a deep vacuum level and its capacity is customizable (from 20 m3 to 500 m3/hour). This accessory makes it suitable for industries such as food, tobacco, chemical or pharmaceutical.

    More advantages and technical features of the Industrial vacuum sealer are the following:

    • Its pressure and time are adjustable
    • The integrated sensor is detecting the vacuum level
    • The “vacuum and gas” cycle can be repeated after each other for several times
    • Its Touch Display control unit has a 5.7” LCD screen
    • The machine’s menu system is user friendly and it has a multiple level safety system
    • It has two digital counters and both of them (the absolute cycle and the working cycle) can be reseted
    • Its sealing bars are electro pneumatic and they work with a very high sealing pressure
    • The sealing length vary from 820 and up to 2620 mm, depending on the sealing bar, and the sealing width is of 8 mm
    • The machine’s weight is approximately 1240 kg

    The prices start at 6 638 EUR and will be adjusted depending on the client’s requirements.

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