Roller conveyors for boxes

Logimarkt offers to its clients consultancy in develop and implement personalized conveyor systems based on 24 V technology.

The roller conveyors for boxes can be made from motor rolls, gravitational and/ or conical. The variety of the offered dimensions covers the most of the requirements on the market.

The transporting systems with rollers have utility in the production, sorting, packaging areas, increasing the productivity.

This technology has the following benefits:

  • modularity – the possibility to safely transport the products without bumping into each other
  • minimum daily power consume
  • low level of noise for the transporting belts
  • interconnecting the modules with motor rollers by using the controller for drives and the sensors
  • the system can be easily modified and with minimum costs by adapting the speed and by using the metal support which offers the possibility to adjust the height
  • rapid and easy installation
  • low maintenance costs

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