Straight belt conveyor

The straight belt conveyor is used to transport goods on surfaces with different levels.

The arch zone insures the safe transfer of the products from one level to another.

It functions only in one direction.

Technical specifications

Cod produs: N.A.

Maximum load capacity*: 50 kg/ m

Maximum load capacity per module *: 550 kg

Conveyor speed*: between 0.1 and 2.5 m/ s (at 50 kg)

Inclination/ slope: max 18°

Room temperature: between +5 and +40 °C

* it is recommended to avoid the combination of maximum values

Technical specifications

Frame details
Distance between frames (BF) 420, 620 or 840 mm (other dimensions are available upon request)
Stripe width (LW)BF (+ 120 / -90 mm laterally, with flexible lateral guide)
Inclined segment length (CL)between 1.500 and 20.010 mm
Straight segment length (TL)between 720 and 2160 mm
Module width (TW)BF + 80 mm
Lateral guide height (HSG)35 – 65 mm
Inclination/ slope (α)6°/ 9°/ 12°/ 15°/ 18°
Nominal voltage 400 V
Electric powermax 3 kW
Conveyor belt2 layers, PVC
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