Vertical conveyor lift

The vertical conveyor lift is in fact a column on which a carriage support is mounted and it moves up and down helped by toothed belts powered by a drive.

Technical specifications

Cod produs: N.A.

Maximum load capacity*: 150 kg

Start: between 0.1 and 0.6 m/s

Room temperature: between -5 and +40 °C

Movable column height: 200 x 80 mm (aluminium profile)

* it is recommended to avoid the combination of maximum values

Technical specifications

Frame details
Distance between frames (BF)420, 620 or 840 mm (for some types of modules)
Lower level dimension (H1)minimum 300 mm
Upper level dimension (H2)H1 + maximum lifting height
General height (H)H2 + 600 (max. 800 mm)
Mounted conveyor width (CW)max 1300 mm
Note: The upper part of the lifting station should be supported on site for heights over 4000 mm.
Transmissionworm wheel (with brake and adjustable frequency)
Nominal voltage 400 V/ 50 Hz/ 3 phases
Maximum electric power2.2 kW
Powered bybelt
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