Waste roll compactor CDR-LED


  • the reinforced base frame offers stability
  • integrated reinforced conveyor belt in the loading and compaction area
  • the waste are reduced up to 10% from their initial volume, and during compacting or while the waste rollers are on stand by, the materials don’t expand back to their original shape or volume
  • LED indicator for bale diameter
  • easy maintenance using the flaps for easy access, the doors and the safety stop button
  • waste rolls diameters can be preset in 3 dimensions
  • binding and bale ejection is done semi-automatic
  • the waste compactor equipment has acoustic and optical signals to indicate the overloading
  • waste retraction in case of blockage is done semi-automatic

Technical specifications

Depth1 600 mm
Width930 mm
Height1 850 mm
Weight675 kg
Bale roll diameterup to 400 mm, 3 pre-selectable positions
Bale roll length600 mm
Weight roll bale, depending on the type of wasteup to 30 kg
Roll bale density according to the type of waste250-400 kg/mᶾ
Working speedup to 300 kg/h
Roll bale speed0.36 m/s
Binding material23 µm
Diameter wrapping film roll250 mm
Wrapping film width580 - 600 mm
Binding and expelling the roll balesemi-automatic
Reverse functionsemi-automatic
Roll bale diameter indicatorLED
Maximum load level indicatoracoustic
Waste roll compactor securitysafety button
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