Waste roll compactor CDR-400

Particularities for this waste roller:

  • user friendly for operators due to clear functioning buttons with markings
  • binding and bale rejection out of the baler are semi-automatic: the operator stops the wrapping procedure and lifts/ lowers the expelling flap using the command buttons
  • the waste are compacted in rolls with maximum 400 mm diameters, secured, wrapped and ejected from the waste roll compactor
  • waste baling machines have acoustic protection to indicate the overloading when necessary
  • LES system to indicate the rolls’ diameter
  • high volume of compacted waste per hour, rapid rolls’ ejection
  • the wheels helps the operators to place them easily where needed
  • semi-automatic waste roll retraction when necessary

Technical specifications

Depth1 490 mm
Width900 mm
Height1 750 mm
Weight540 kg
Bale roll diameterup to 400 mm
Bale roll length600 mm
Weight roll bale, depending on the type of wasteup to 30 kg
Roll bale density according to the type of waste250-400 kg/mᶾ
Working speedup to 300 kg/h
Roll bale speed0.36 m/s
Binding materialStretch foil 23 µm
Diameter wrapping film roll250 mm
Wrapping film width580 - 600 mm
Binding and expelling the roll balesemi-automatic
Reverse functionsemi-automatic
Roll bale diameter indicatorLED
Maximum load level indicatoracoustic
Waste roll compactor securitysafety button
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