Vertical baling press with tape station

The vertical baling press with PP or metallic tape station is the economical and ecological solution to eliminate the paper, carboard or foil waste. Is compatible to any industry field.
The operator prepares the straps (from polyester twined in 4 or metallic) in the lower area where the waste bale will be formed. This is done manually, by anchoring the ends and arranging the straps along the guiding rails in the pressing zone.
The door is locked and secured with a lateral hand wheel lock, mounted at an ergonomic level, blocked in the end with a special key. The upper part of the door slides down, behind it being the waste loading area. After the loading aperture is full, the half door slides back up, and when it’s completely closed, the waste compacting automatically starts. To reopen the door, the safety button is activated to automatically stop the waste baler machine.
The end of the compression cycle is announced on the display. The press door is manually opened using the side wheel. After this, the operator ties and secures the bale using the wires previously prepared while the one is still under pressure.
While the press retracts, the bale is overturned at 90° on a pallet and moved for the following operations. Baling speed is 1-2 bales per hour.


  • robust equipment with high pressing power
  • low noise level constituting a safe acoustic working environment for the operators
  • low energy consume, which translated into low operational costs
  • work cycle time is 40% reduced compared to the conventional machines
  • efficiency due to low energy consume versus number of compacted bales
  • easy to handle
  • accessories are at an ergonomic height
  • the upper loading aperture can be used as storage space, easing like this the next waste loading
  • the press has a tape station for metallic or PP straps for different needs of bale binding

Technical specifications

Pressing power594 kN
Specific pressing power63,46 N/cm²
Driving power4 kW
Voltage / Frequency400 V / 50 Hz
Cycle time in idle operation25 s
Volume throughput in idle operation (theor.)12 m³/h
Loading height1110 mm
Loading aperture width x height1195 x 650 mm
Bale length x width x height1200 x 780 x 1200 mm
Bale weight (up to)480 kg
Width x Depth x Height1797 x 1247 x 2985 mm
Weight2030 kg
Method of strappingvertical
Number of strappings4
Type of consumablesWire
Industry typePrint & Packaging, Industry & Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution, Recycling & Disposal, Retail
Press materialBig Bags, Cardboard, Clothing, Mixed paper, Plastic film, Punch waste/residue, Polystyrene
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