Manual vertical baling press

The manual vertical baling press is a mobile compactor which bales on the spot, immediately after unwrapping, light packaging material (plastic foil, wrapping paper, etc.).
The waste baler machine can be used in clothing factories, retail stores, and in general, when it is insufficient or no storage space for waste, the manual bale press resolving this problem on place.
The operator moves very easy with the manual press exactly where is needed, this one having wheels. The loading is easily done through the upper part of the press. The bales are tied with strapping twine.
The bales can be re-compacted if necessary, in denser bales, using the hydraulic presses.


  • saving costs by eliminating the service and maintenance
  • efficient due to compacting ratio of 5:1
  • increase activity efficiency because the personnel doesn’t need to move in order to release the space from waste
  • the bales are very stable, and the operators can easily handle them
  • reducing to minimum the waste storage space
  • they function without electricity, this giving them a high autonomy
  • 50% decrease of the waste costs
  • due to the wheels, moving around the working areas is simple

Technical specifications

Loading height1015 mm
Loading aperture width x length740 x 635 mm
Bale width x height x length600 x 800 x 800 mm
Bale weight40-40 kg
Weight100 kg
Method of strappingCross strapping
Number of strappings3
Type of consumablesTwine
Press materialPlastic film
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