LT315 for tugger train

LT315 for tugger train is small, compact and offers exceptional ergonomics in handling loaded trolleys. It works both on electricity and hydraulics and offers smooth and precise movements in lifting and tilting the milkrun trucks to the precise desired position.

This arm lift device is the most compact model in our offer, with a very low height – only 190 mm. It is also extremely narrow – 550 mm. Despite the small size, LT315 for tugger train can lift loads of up t0 750 kg. Thus, it is an excellent choice for busy warehouses with narrow aisles, with an intense loading and unloading activity.

LT315 for tugger train is capable only of vertical lift movement. A complete lift takes only 14 seconds and the maximum tilt angle is 400. The design of the lift arm device is compatible with various models of trolleys and milkrun trucks.

Technical specifications

Load capacity750 kg
Lifting height650 mm
Lowest height190 mm
Device length1200 mm
Device width550 mm
Lifting time14 sec
Tilt angle40°
Engine power (kw)0,75
Net weight315 kg
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