Lift table trolley 143

This lift table trolley had a very robust construction made of welded profile steel. It features four castors, an ergonomic handle and a scissor lift mechanism. The operator can easily push heavy loads and lift them to the desired height using the hydraulic foot pump.

The special design of the mechanism of this lift table trolley does not require maintenance work. Also, despite its heavy moving and lifting capacity, this device is very compact and has a low construction. It is an ideal choice for narrow aisles in warehouses and busy production facilities or workshops.

The platform of the lift table trolley has a sufficient surface for various use cases, from bulky engines and gears to loaded containers and packaged bulk materials.

Technical specifications

Device width600 mm
Device height420 mm
Device length1220 mm
Lifting height580 mm
Net weight 143 kg
Load capacity1500 kg
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