Horizontal baling press for waste POD 800

Loading the horizontal baler for waste POD 800 is done with a hydraulic system.

  • complex design ensures flexibility in use
  • securing and compacting the bales is done completely automated
  • the waste compactor can be extended due to its modularity and is easily integrated into the destinated work spaces
  • cost reducing by optimizing the handling, storage and waste disposal rate
  • resistance and durability to intensive use
  • improved hygiene level in the waste storage spaces
  • easy use for operators due to safety buttons, various sensors and emergency shut down button in case of overload

Technical specifications

Length (without / with bale chute)5035 / 6235 mm
Width1400 mm
Height2600 mm
Height of feed table1200 mm
Width of feed table800 mm
Weight3650 kg
Bale length, infinity adjustable800 - 1500 mm
Bale width800 mm
Bale height700 mm
Bale weight, depending on baling material150 to 365 kg
Bale density, depending on baling material180 - 435 kg/m3
Capacity / throughputup to 3 t/h
Pressing force31 t
Specific pressure55 N/cm²
Time per working cycle11.5 s, depends on pre-selection
Tying materialbaling wire, oiled
Diameter of tying material2.5 or 2.8 mm Ø
in coils of approx.40 kg
Consumption of tying material2-3 kg/t
Diameter of coil340 mm
Height of coil155 mm
Three-phase motor / central hydraulic drive11 kW, IP 54
Separate drive of tying device0.75 kW, IP 54
Fuse, mains35 A slow
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